Millyard Viper V10 safety checks, and two up land speed attempt

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Jul 2, 2012
"In this video I carry out some of the safety checks on my viper v10 prior to taking it to Elvington runway in Yorkshire UK to attempt to break the current Guinness world record for riding a motorcycle two up (currently 181.426 mph)

My passenger was TV personality and friend Henry Cole, and it was filmed for an episode of the Motorbike Show, the whole footage from Elvington can be seen in series 12 episode 5 on ITVx catchup.

Thank you to Henry Cole for being a great sport going on the back of the Viper and for letting me use some of the Elvington footage in my video, Trevor Duckworth

and his Straightliners team for putting on the UKITA records week at Elvington and Becci Ellis Photography for the photos and advise "
Allen Millyard rides his V10 Viper motorcycle at Elvington

Back in 2016 Henry Cole travelled to Elvington to watch genius bike-builder Allen Millyard ride his V10 Viper motorbike in an attempt to reach 200mph.

First seen in Series 6 of The Motorbike Show.

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