Momma got bit by the bug again, I had to make her happy

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Mar 29, 2012
Berry, Alabama
When we sold the Firebird last year, we decided one old ride was enough. More fun when we could ride together instead of taking two cars to cruise ins and such. But, she has been unhappy since we traded off her last Vette. I was pretty well over that car, disgusted I could never get it straightened out. Neither of us really liked the Firebird, it was a compromise car, something we got with the intention of letting the grandson go with us in. Well that didn't work out, so it was still just me and her. The Firebird was a good car, didn't really give any problems, it just wasn't comfortable for anything over 30 miles. Only marginally better than the Fox convertible we had at one time, and that's not saying much.

So, she's been looking on Marketplace. I knew it was going to be trouble, but hey, it's fun to look! But then you find that diamond, what do you do? Well, if Momma wants it, you go buy it! Found it just outside of Nashville TN, went up Friday and got it and hauled it home.

1982 Corvette Collectors Edition. One of only 6755 made. 60,000 original miles, but has been parked since 2016. New paint done before 2016, new tires in 2015 still look good, no rot yet, will probably replace them anyway just to be safe. Cross fire injection, got a set of injectors on the way, one is not firing at all. Got to drain the tank, gas smells old. Have to get a replacement stripe kit sometime in the future. A few bugs to work out, but nothing major I hope.

So, I'm back in the Chevy camp. But not getting rid of my other Fords. Figure this one is a keeper, since it's so rare. Probably be the last collector car I'll buy.


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Yeah Snopro, I’ve got a nearly new Edelbrock intake in storage I’ll break out if the crossfire is a pain. I’ll keep the stuff I take off in case a purist buys it later on and wants to change it back.
After I finally got the cross fire figured out, I’ve got most of the electrical stuff working. Still no horn or radio, get to those in time. Put on a set of new BFG’s, give it a service, and been putting miles on it!

What a fun little car! People talk about these later model C3’s being low on hp, well, I can’t imagine driving one with a big block, they must be a rocket sled because this thing has plenty of power for me! It will get up and go, quickly! Fast enough to get you in trouble with John Law! Wish I’d bought one years ago![cl[cl

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