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Motor Monday: Gotta love a 6-bang altered! [cl



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I'm not the type of guy that puts a SBC in every hotrod, so here's what I've been doing this past week. The bad motor that came in my '56 Fairlane was just lying around the shop in pieces collecting dust and getting in the way, so I took the short block to town again and said to my man 'fix it and balance it', so he did. pic one is the short block, Y-block, back home 'refreshed'. Then I started to gather up enough pieces and bolts to clean up, paint and mount on the block. The CID is a secret even to me, because it started out as a 272, then it was bored out and a 292 crank was installed. This crank has the same throw as a 272, just heavier counterweights. Anyhow it is a Y-block Ford, and it's going in a 1929 Model A coupe.


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