My old John Deere 730.

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I promised you that I would make this shut-off valve, 'remote controlled'. Well, here is the rest of the gismo. You'll see a silvery rod disappearing off to the left, that goes right out through the dash and you'll see in the last picture that it is a handle. It seems to work.
Now the tractor is put away for the winter.


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What is this thing called winter?:D Still in the 90s here. Cold front supposed to roll thru tonight. It's actually gonna get down in the 80s tomorrow.

It's not too bad here yet either. It probably hasn't got any colder than +6* C or 42* F, but we went camping this weekend out in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and there was frost on the grass a couple of mornings. Winter won't hit here for another month, I think.
Smallfoot, I can't show you pictures of winter yet, although some of the potato leaves were nipped with frost last night; but I can show you that the John Deere is put in the shed. Also I can show off too.


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I'd like to of had a large machine shed but, it's not as important as it once was.
Everything now sits under a car port or out in the open.

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