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Motor Monday: I assume he's a vegetarian!


Thought for a moment you ha taken a pic of a hunter's oven. We used to toss cans of food on the manifold and come noon time we had a meal...
A Wisconsin V 4?
I'm not going to argue with that, but why...even if it's what you just happen to maybe but still...........why:unsure: even though I had an uncle that built a deutsch diesel 4cyl to put in his 32 ford just for a trip out to California and back in the late '80s....never happened but the little engine really purred....
I agree with you Bob, it's a Wisconsin V4 out of a swather, and air cooled. I also agree with FBP, --- WHY. It has 37 horsepower, which isn't enough to pull your hotrod along on the highway. I suppose you'd get a few points for being 'unique', but you'd loose a few more for taking the 'hot' out of hotrod.
Here's my DOHC V8 motor out of an 82 Maserati in my new rat rod coupe. The car started out with the cowl, roof and suicide doors from a 27 Essex coupe before it had the 30 Model A rear quarter panels and quarter windows as well as parts from about 15 other vehicles, which also included the Mopar tranny and IRS set-up from the same Maserati as well as the Mustang II IFS with disc brakes so it has independent suspension and disc brakes on all 4 corners which makes it a lot of fun to drive hard.


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I'm a real valve cover kinda guy, so I can live with a Chevy motor if it looks like that.

But I've got back to fixing up a "Ford" Y-block and adding a T-5 transmission out of a Mustang.


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