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old bone, ive had this car up to 115mph down the freeway no prob..... Pepe from all american hot rod co, "DID NOT" do this front end, Key word "DID NOT".... it was in his shop back in 08 when they did the interview as a prop... He was actually doing the air suspension in the rear....I will actually be having Pepe re-doing the front end in the next few weeks.... Im gonna pully the axel back 4 inches and redo the suicide purch.... I will post picks when it is done
i have pretty close to the same set up on my front end, drives & rides good. ive had it up to 100 mph on the way to vegas no problem. thats a great coupe!


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Old Bone...thar picture was really old.. I have shocks on the front and disc brakes now... the suspension does not bounce really at all.... it rides really good... mine is pretty much the same set-up as wildcat... But yes Pepe will be handling the front end and redoing everything for me.. Thats the only guy i trust to do work on my car... Thumbs up for Pepe,...

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