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Q: What's the easiest way to tell the difference between a 348 and a 409?

A: The first thing that comes to mind and the most obvious is the dipstick location. 409 engines had the dipstick on the passenger side and 348's had it on the driver side. This isn't a fool proof method however as the oil pans are interchangable.

The best way is by checking numbers. There is a block casting number on the back of the block. Use the casting number page to decode these. A more accurate way is by decoding the suffix code from the front of the block. These can be decoded by using the list on the suffix codes page.

If the engine is out and you can see the rear crank bolt flange, this can be a good way to tell the difference. If it is round, it is a 348 and if it is "D" or bell shaped, it is a 409.
i got 9 ... but i really like that it explained why i got it wrong and the differences... and i REALLY like that first Olds Rocket...
better then i thought

16 out of 17...impressed the y-block wrong..thought distributer was in would be proud...he said i never listened to him
piece of cake! they should have thrown in a studebaker, it looks just like the early caddy, it was designed by the same guys. Three two's off the caddy will even fit the stude by elongating a couple of holes.
Missed one, 16 out of 17, I missed the Y-block. The rest was pretty easy, but I've seen all of those motors physically before. Donno why I missed the Y-block, I even worked on a few of them putting in upper end oilers.. Well that was over 30 years ago though...


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