New guy with a '65 Skylark 4 dr

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Mar 1, 2024

I'm not sure if the car that I am putting together is a rat rod, hot rod, of what to call it?

I found a fairly solid 4dr that I gutted and am putting a bunch of mixed parts together to make a car to drive. I've installed front bucket seats from a 2004 Chevy Trailblazer, I have a low mile Vortec 5.7 (carb/HEI swapped), a 4l80e, and a welder.

Am hoping to put together a simple, reliable driver. Not worried about resale value, so if it's in the way, I cut it off. That is kind of fun but makes some people freak out.

Here is "H". H is short for Hantavirus, which I probably contracted when I gutted this car...

Welcome to the site.
There used to be a debate on what a hotrod, rat rod or street rod is but, I don't think anyone cares much anymore.
We like to see lots of pics when you post here. Start a build thread and we'll follow along.
A hot rod is what you make of it. A four-door sedan is cool. They are hard to come by and something that you don’t see every day is one fixed up into a street machine or hot rod or whatever you wanna call it. If I wanted to put a tunnel ram through the hood (and I do), that would be cool. What I always thought would be cool was to build it like the street machines based on a two door. I believe people would flock to your car because it’s different. And would give inspiration to others. The main thing is having fun.
we call em cars and trucks and it will be what you call it. nothing wrong with a more door. welcome to rrr/uds

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