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Apr 18, 2008
Northshore, Lake Pontchatrain
Some poor newby Rat Rodder picked the HAMB as his intital landing point into the world of hot rodding.

Started off talking about his 48 F100 and wanted to know a few rat rod tricks to get it started.

Needless to say he was quickly attacked. I sent him a message to check RRR out.

Too bad he was banned and never got the message. He did get a little out of hand though, told a few people to suck various appendages and what not. Not that they didn't deserve it.
Hi Goose-em
I have to say that website is a bit tough to break gotta have a lot of money to build those traditional type street rods(and I think a lot of them do have a lot of $$$$$). I have never had any issues there but they are a tough bunch that's for sure. I feel sorry for the guy. I was warned by someone when I first signed up over there.
i always try to warn someone that says the rat rod words and have invited them here as well as some that show up to the kb site too.
I'm a member there and when I see someone use those dreaded (on the HAMB) RR words, I cringe, because I know the doo doo will be flying any second. I try to let them know the HAMB is not receptive to those words, and sometimes send them a PM telling them about this forum.

I barely fit in here, I found RRR thanks to Bonehead's Palisade car show post (with my 49 in it) never knew about the other site till I was on here. I have looked at the sites and after reading some on the posts I knew it was not for me. So I stay here.
this is by far the most welcoming and supportive site I have been a member of... many thanks to the ol Trip

There is lots to be learned on the hamb.. I read alot.. maybe posted 4 times.. haha.. but i am addicted to a thread over there about "projects... sitting and rotting" awesome thread about cars people find... for some reason I prefer reading a thread about cars sitting in a field over a thread about finished cars.. haha..
This is deffinately the place to be.
Goes a little far over there at times but I can understand it also. Its the type of cars they build and some just dont fit. My Valiant is old enough to talk about there but its a 4 door and not a popular body style.
I got put in the friends section at the Iron Invasion. :rolleyes: Oh well
For some reasons that I don't understand, not all forums are as respectful and pleasant as this one. My Sons are now on some Mustang forums and they tell me some of the guys there are outright jerks when someone posts something they don't see as correct. In fact, my Sons pretty much lurk but don't post stuff there.

I know we say it a lot on here, but the truth is, Bob has done a superior job of building a very good forum for all of us to enjoy. It has taken a lot of his time and work, but he has stayed true to the original philosophy since day one.

Have to say this is one of the best forums I've come across and it was by accident. Someone on a trifive site I'm on was knocking an RR on this site!
The HAMB site does have some good information including S10 frame swaps of all things. That thread is now closed..surprised it stayed going for so long.:rolleyes:
I saw another newbie get hammered pretty hard yesterday too. Not him but his car he just bought. A nice 40 something ford coupe with front clip in it that was really too wide for the car.

Within 10 posts, the group had pretty much determined that the entire frame needed to be swapped and that it was unsafe at any speed, would probably self-destruct at any second. :rolleyes:

Poor guy.
This site is a great one for RRs and such. Ive learned alot just reading others post. Im working on my first Rat build at the age of 38. Ive been on alot of other sites and there are just a few that are this receptive to others ideas good or bad. Thanks for this wonderful site.
Ive only been to the HAMB a couple times> another hard to deal with crowd is over at Hotrodders. But not as bad as the Hamb.
the one thing about this site that no one has said anything about is it doesn't matter what you have to build it can be posted here and it will not get bashed, but some did say it was unsafe to use ree bar on their build but it wasn't bashed.
In defense of constructive criticism, even on here we sometimes will mention to someone that something they are doing could be done differently or that what we are seeing on their car looks unsafe. We would not be good hot rodders or forum members if we didn't do that...........we don't want to sit back and then have someone get hurt or killed. But it is generally done with respect and without drama. And in those instances where things might get a little heated, either Tripper will step in or the members themselves take it down a notch.

Yep, this place is always the best. I still check in on the HAMB, lots of good info there when you need it. I kind of look at that place like some of my friends, they can be a real pain but I still hang with them. Don't do Hotrodders anymore, just not much about that style that floats my boat.
I am like Don, I go to both sites. This one is home and the other is for needed information. I have never been bashed here. I appreciate all of the "friends" i have found here. The hamb is just a different breed than I am. Just my $.02

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