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Mar 20, 2012
North side of Deer Mountain
We scored a 454 BBC from a cowboy up in Craig CO. He had it rebuilt and then decided to go back to a SBC crate motor. So we decided to pull the Rolls back in and start over. The first picture is the start on the off road front bumper. The second pic is after we fabbed the pivot for the tilt front end, bumper and all. Then another picture of the front bumper and another of the almost done tilt front end. Second to last is a shot of the off road rear bumper we fabbed. It's coming along good, but it's missing something. And finally, one of the 2 valve cover we made for the BBC. We bought them at Summit, had em' powder coated and then wrote a custom program to carve out the tops on the Mori Seki......coolio!![cl


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Ok, thats just pretty darn cool.. nice work on the valve covers, I do alot of that type thing myself..

Thanks to everyone for the comps on the bumpers. The crazy thing is, the front and rear bumper are #4 and #5 of all the bumpers we've ever built. I guess it's beginners luck. Yesterday I said I thought there was something missing. Today we figured it out...................shackles!!:D


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You're a very sick man. I love it. One the best 4X4 car I've seen. I was going to build a 4X4 66 lincoln continental convertible ,but my wife talked me out of it. Kind of wish I would had done it.
offroadrolls progress

tilt motor.jpgMade my way to Steamboat this week to work on the Rolls. We motorized the tilt front end using a liear acuator motor we scored at the Tri State Auto swap in Denver.
wire wall.jpgNext we had to deal with the relays and wiring on the firewall
firewall top.jpgRather than move it all we opted to cover it with and sheet of .10" alminum that we'll have powder coted in the future.
knob.jpg Dale crafted some nifty knobs for securing the cover over all the junk on the firewall
Chunk o Alminum.jpg Today we're going to start on the covers for the fuse boxes on the firewall.
Well it is a rolls after all. No sense in having to put down your chardenet to tilt that front end by hand! I like what you got going here so please keep us updated.
Getting closer

Making some headway on the body panels. Have 2 coats of primer down, block sanded once. Thinking we need two more and some more block sanding. having some trouble with some body lines. We can get one to match up nice then the other won't. Might be time for a little bondo.
Also been trying to figure out some color combo's. I'll post again on that dilemma.


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So I have no idea how I missed this, especially since I am an avid offroader myself. None of my friends have anything like this though. One of my buddies did use to wheel in a pink 86 Cadillac limo though! That was pretty funny!

Bet it gets around pretty good with a 454!
So we're still sanding the Rolls

and sanding some more and sanding some more. Then a buddy of ours has a son that's about to graduate up at WyoTech. So we put hm to work sanding and priming some more. Glad we did too because he found all kinds of waves in the body panels.(we're very amateur body guy's) Mean while we sent the bumpers and the framework of the tilt front end out for powder coating. We went with a copper vein mat black hammer tone. It looks so good we're doing all the exterior bright work too. Door handles, window frames, grill and all. We're going to paint the car John Deer blitz black and the copper really looks good next to it.


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