Power ideas for 29 Desoto???

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Yeah, reason I started wanting this is because I just saw one online for sale at $8,000 and that was the starting price. I believe I read there were only something like 355 or so of them made and who know how many are left because... Oddly enough they tend to snap pretty easy and that's why they stopped making them, hahaha. If I had it like that though I would defi itself get one. I don't know why the aesthetics of it werent copied on other housings with a better metal, because they do look really bad ass!
Hello, I'm still stuck on page one of your thread, and flabbergasted. You passed up a rebuilt 270 Hemi for $2000 to $3000, but you want to put an odd, extremely high priced GM rear-end in an other-wise Mopar unit.
The machining and rebuilding of my 270 was way, way more than $3000, so you're actually stealing that motor at that low price. Hemis are the ultimate motor in a hotrod, especially a Mopar hotrod. I put an A833 four speed on the back of mine. I've been looking at a nice, three deuce intake that Hot Heads sells for about $350. There is nothing wrong with an LA small block Chrysler, but they're not a Hemi.

Done ranting, and I'm feeling better now.


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Damn you MercuryMac, every time I see a Hemi I start drooling. Trust me when i say the Dodge Hemi is my number one choice, especially since all the work is done. I've just never had a true hemi and didn't know what kind of extra costs I may run into. When it comes down to it I'm probably going to grab the Hemi. It's not going anywhere so I have some time to decide and just throwing around some ideas.

I'm really wanting to run a Mopar rear but want to have the cool aluminum vintage look as well. I'm contemplating a quick change rear so i cold go have some fun when the kids are NOT with me, but will probably end up using a 8 3/4" Mopar rear and find some cool vintage covers or something.

Like most people's just want something different and want to showcase some cool old school engineering. This is only my second full build but I have a lot better budget to work with on this one and have learned a ton since my first build.

I did see a good deal on some aluminum Mopar W9 heads, but I'm still partial to the Hemi. I found a Desoto on Craigslist that wAs being parted out and I believe it had the 331 Hemi but needed a full rebuild... He did have the matching transmission I might want to grab anyway.
The answer to "what engine should I run?" is always Hemi. I'd pick up that 270 and throw a 4 speed behind for some old school cool.
Sorry Kelsey, I just had to slap you, [a long distance,electronic slap] as I thought you were drifting off into the rough, with your bubble not in the middle anymore. :D I like your all Mopar theme, and there is nothing wrong with any of the Dodge motors. I even have a wide block 318/ fourspeed combo to go in an all mopar rat, a '34 Dodge Brothers truck.
Be careful of guys like me who are extremely opinionated.
Kelsey, one thing to consider is your intended use of the car. Do you plan on doing lots of long road trips, or just short in town driving?

If you're planning on building a road tripper, you may want to stay away from the Hemi, or carry lots of spare parts. I agree that they're cool engines, but if you break down on the road and need a fuel pump, water pump, starter, etc., you have a much better chance of finding one for a 318/360 than an old Hemi. You can also carry some of those parts with you, it's always a good idea to have a spare fuel pump.

Then again, I'm running an odd motor as well, but it's just something to consider.
Hahaha, thanks MurcuryMac. I like the way you think and I really needed the electronic slap, hahaha. Sometimes I overthink things. Thanks for setting me straight.

05snopro440, I would like to take the ocassional road trip but mostly will just be for cruising in town and making everyone else jealous of my ride, lol. My father-in-law will be building a 29 model a the same time I build my Desoto ( sort of a build off if you will) and I don't think he'll have a chance against the hemi for cool points... Although he does have a sweet original matching numbers 3x2 carb set up... But it's just for an SBC.

At least for now... Me=1; father-in-law=0
Emergency find!

Sometimes I hate seeing good deals because I go I to freak out mode. Just saw a listing about 2 hours south of me there is a running Chrysler 331 w/ transmission for $1000! Decisions decisions!!!!

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