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Sep 26, 2014
new zealand
hi all

while on a mission sent to test my patience beyond all reason i stumbled on this Delco rebuild blog.

while its pointed to Studebaker (fitted Delco for a couple of years) any Chevy Points dist owners might get some solid info from it or general interest .

its a clean article easy to follow for those that havent really played to deeply with them . (me )

anyway i found it fairly interesting including the "uniset" condensor points combo which id not heard of before .. and may go shopping for a set

unless you guys say not to due to junk value

link :
Good write up!
I remember unibilt points/condenser, they were just the ticket to change the points in a long hood car like a Monte Carlo where you had to reach a mile to the back with those tiny screws! I don’t remember them giving any problems back then, when the points wore out we tossed everything anyway as we were taught. Came to find out that most times the condensers were still good and could be reused for a long time, but they were cheap back then, why try to save $.50? In that case we were losing a little money with the unibilt points, but it sure made a big difference in time spent changing points. I haven’t seen any in years, but I haven’t fooled with any GM points in years, only Fords and air cooled VW’s.
I've got points distributors in 3 of my cars, including a dual point, no vacuum advance one in a roadster. Points, rotor and condenser used to be packaged together and sold as a tune up kit.
Back in the points and condenser days, my boss at the gas station I worked at loved those unipoint setups. I think we installed them in every GM car that came in.
I don't recall many issues with them or my boss sure would not have been installing them like we did.

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