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I smell staged photo I think...not bloody likely do you get the opportunity to find what...a neat old vintage barn...woah....there's no doors on the barn....theres a roadster in there...and look, it's mostly still there....not enough dust on it to have been there long....air still in tires....hey that looks like a GM motor....little fresh gas and jump and we'll drive this one chain needed!:rolleyes:
I figured it was staged, but nevertheless it's a great shot. Notice what appears to be a tow bar on it.
Please don't think I don't like the's killer! You all probably have had a similar picture of something like that happening in your head for years. In fact, most of us have followed tips just to see if it would happen for us. Doesn't happen often, but once in a while it does. Some of you guys living in areas where there is still some stuff to be seen are so very lucky.
I also like the barnfind car picture a lot. It has 60's wheels with bias ply tires, but there's a cheap bungee cord hooked into the rear hood hinge bolt hole, and a chrome alternator. The last two items are not era correct, but it's a nice picture.

Smallfoot, a barnfind happened to me and I just have to brag, OK. The first two pictures are of the '34 Dodge Brothers truck still in the shed where I found it, and the next one is the truck just pulled out with that tractor also in the pic. I threw in the fourth picture with the sew-on badge and the emblem just to show off.


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Nice find MM! I also had one nice find in my time although I didn't have a camera at the time to record the find.

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