Scary couple weeks for me

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Thank you Earthman. All of my tests showed no spread.
I've seen a surgeon who was very young early 30's but trained in the last 5 years in robotic prostate removal. Very articulate, well spoken and answered all of my questions plus some. I was a little uncomfortable about his age, when I mentioned it he recommended I see his partner who will be in the OR with him. He has been doing prostate removal for 20 years. I see him on the 13th. In the meantime I saw the radiologist who flat out due to my type recommended I remove it, not radiate it. He said there is a possibliity that I might need radiation after the removal based on what they find.

For some reason....I failed to ask why, the radiologist I saw asked me to got for a PSMA which is a Pet Scan of the Prostate area. Waiting for the insurance company to approve it.

I am set up for surgery on 10-19. It was going to be sooner but my divaticulitus kicked up and the 1st surgeon said the wouldn't want to go into an "angry" belly.

When I see the 2nd surgeon I have some questions on how they will navigate around or through my abdominal mesh from a hernia surgery about 12 years ago.

I've done competitive bodybuilding my whole life and have taken steroids since 26, my body does not make it's own testosterone. Test feeds cancer so I've had to stop my test shots and drop my level down to nothing so I'm very tired and have no energy right now on top of the head game. That's a bummer...

Long story but that's where I stand. I'll get thru it. Thanks for asking my friend!

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