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1CFA6466-543F-4BFB-B55B-1D7D467ECF33.jpg sprayed this today should look ok at a drive by car show
74 Ventura I think it was as plain as you could get no power brakes or power steering. I put a 4.8 in it and 4l60e
It’s for the wife, she thought that I have 3 she should have 1 but I think I might get to test drive it once in a while 😎
Bored to death, nothing other than this for a side shot. Boredom makes me hungry. Smoking a pork prime rib.



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Flashback(s): Twenty some years ago, a good friend built an excellent portable pig roaster... let me rephrase that... he built a "piglet" roaster because a 60, 70 or 80 pound porker was more than enough for the number of persons attending. I can still taste the crisp rinds and bread soaked in the drippings. It was an all day event and thanks to you, DOZER, I'm reminded of those good times. [ddd


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