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Nov 30, 2009
Southern Ontario
Winter is coming, possibly here - we got about 4" of snow yesterday! I finally kicked myself in the butt and dropped my snow blade in the shop. I've been plowing for years with this old John Deere blade, but it's only 72" wide, and so is my tractor. Our lane is a little over 1/4 mile long so I like to drag the blade on an angle - but on an angle its narrower than the tractor tires. Rather than pop for a new blade, I cut up some plate, did some creative bending, a little welding and bingo, a 96" blade appeared! A little more welding, a coat of red paint (to match the tractor - I see you green tractor guys cringing!) and it should be good to go!


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I like your thinking. I have gotten to the point where I hate snow. A few years ago I added two feet to a ten foot plow and put it on the front of my Clark Michigan payloader. It clears my quarter mile of driveway plus two sister's and a brother's so much faster than an eight footer on my pickup.


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Bill, like you, I decided yesterday to get the blade on the tractor for winter.
Unlike you, I have a green tractor and a red blade.
A few years ago, I made a small toboggan under the trailing end of the cutting edge and this has saved me a lot of work fixing the lawn in the spring.
I used a skidsteer with a bucket, for a few years then, put a 7 foot three way snow blade on it. It got me done way faster.
Like OI says, you'll be done a way faster. I forgot to mention this yesterday. It's not just that you have a wider blade, it's that you can angle the blade now, and shoot all of the snow out the side and get rid of it quicker. Two passes out the driveway and you're done. The secret to your 'screaming success' is the extra width lets you angle the blade. --- Keep on tinkering.
And here I sit in the city whining about it being cold and wet. When I lived in show country, I had two snow shovels. After I dug out my driveway, the city plow would come by and put up a two foot wall of packed show and ice across the end of my driveway. I don't miss that one bit. If I was rich, I'd snowbird.

Nice tractors. :D
Thanks guys. Kenny, that's one serious snow mover you have there! I didnt mention it yesterday MM, but a neighbor gave me a couple of plow shoes, as I've torn up the lawn plenty of times too...although tearing up the lawn is minor compared to the time I bashed into the garage door (on the new house!) The tractor is CVT, and as a safe guard it wont allow any change in direction until ALL movement is stopped (even the weight of your boot on the pedal counts EVIDENTLY) I backed up to the door, changed to forward but it stayed in reverse...hit the pedal and bashed right into the new door later and it's like it never happened. Anyhow, my JD blade is now red, and ready for action. With my luck, it won't snow anymore this winter now!


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Thanks Bill. I didn't mention that I have a set of bald tires with chains on them for winter. My theory is if you are not prepared you will get more than you can handle. I've been cleaning up around the garage so when it gets here it will be easier get rid of. I work for the highway dept. and I hate snow. and I don't want to spend any more time dealing with it than I have to.I hope everyone has a mild winter.
Snow? [S What’s this strange substance you call snow?[S

We get rain. Sometimes it has Ice in it. Sometimes it turns to ice when it hits the ground. Sometimes we get some white stuff we call white death.:D Too dangerous to try and get out of the yard when that stuff is laying around, somebody will run over you! It seldom lasts long, maybe a day or two, maybe once or twice a year.:D We just shut everything down and wait for it to melt....[ddd[ddd:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
Nice job on the blade Bill, if you don't get any more snow you could come out here and give us a hand, the winter forecast sounds like we might need you. :D

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