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May 28, 2024
Traded a Harley I was tired of trying to sell for this ‘52 Styleline.

Had a ‘63 Mercury for years that I finally got tired of being its care taker. Have had a number of little British cars and random other dumb old junk over the years. I’ve discovered my true love is definitely stupid little two stroke motorbikes.
Mounting a carrier for my Vespa on the back of the Chevy is high on the to do list. I’ve had an old bumper mount carrier I picked up in a pile of stuff with my Italjet years ago but haven’t had a vehicle with real bumpers.

Oddly enough this is the first car I’ve ever owned with a small block Chevy. Even my Silverado had a big block. It’s rusty and crusty and held together mostly with luck, habit, and drywall screws. I’m just working on making it safe to drive for now. Already rebuilt the steering box so it doesn’t take a half turn of the wheel to get a response out of the front end. Working on an exhaust that will take the fumes somewhere other than the cabin at the moment.

I don’t feel the wheels fit the style of the car out all but being a late gen X kid I have a soft spot for draglites so they’ll probably stay. They are big and littles at least.

I’d get rid of the unsafe goofy saw blade visior, then it will be a sharp car.
Saw blades and rebar went out 10 years ago…
my opinion Lumpy if that cool ride was mine,,, u could wash wheels with simple green then a good wax remover and spray em with a can of rustoleum black first then wait 1/2 hour and spray can their metallic graphite for a unique old school look,, ,and yes lose the saw blade

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