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Sep 23, 2012
So I had a truck come to me for some repair work. The rear end had been molested by a "welder"!
The axle was crooked and I wouldn't have driven it across the Parking lot.
I designed and cut own brackets with a little more need to them.
I also found the tires were rubbing on the 4-link bars and loose jam nuts on all of the bushings

They also installed competition engineering shocks, with a helper spring around them as their main form of holding the truck up. Needless to stay it did not work. So I am currently waiting for the coilover to show up so I can go about fixing that also. Once again prove my point that shiny cars
Nice looking truck though! I can surely sympathize with you. I bought my C10 from an idiot and for years I've been paying the price redoing everything on it. It's coming to an end soon...
I often worry about some of my work being a hobbyist not a pro. Then I see what is possibly next to me on the highway and makes me feel better about my work. I think the fact I will farm out anything I do not feel qualified to do like welding anything critical to safety. Lots of people it seems think they can do it all. Jim
I ran my own one man welding shop for 25 years. 75% of the work I did was repair poor welds. Some of the stuff some factories are putting out makes what a lot of part time welders produce look great.

I bought an engine hoist/cherry picker from a store one time I had to redo 3/4 of the welds on it before I used it. It was cheap enough that didn't bother me, but the thought that they were selling these things to unsuspecting guys that went out and used them as they were scared me a bit.
I tried to do a 4 link rear end assembly in my current heap and I just could never get it to sit square in the chassis no matter what I did...finally called the fine folks at Posie Spring company and bought a leaf spring set up...kinda hard to screw that up...and don't know...the right side sticks out farther than the left...
Glad you the guy up and running again...and in a way safer ride too...
So this one is going back home tomorrow. Not the way I would have done it if I could redo everything. But I had to work with what I had. The truck drive good. But the front needs some upgrades. U can tell it is way more floaty than the coil overs!! The stance is what the customer wanted. He wanted the truck to sit level from front to back. I think it needs to be nose down a little. The different tire gaps bug me hahaha. My axle brackets for the link bars have more contact area on the tube than the old ones. Should help keep them attached!!

Here is a short video of the truck. It's 90s era pro Street all the way!!

Beautiful truck. My favorite Chevy. If I had room for another one, that’s what I’d rather have than most anything. Not a big fan of those wheels, but being on a truck they look pretty good, much better than the wagon wheels and rubber band tires everyone else seems to be putting on them.

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