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Got my new power steering pump installed and built spacers for my York 210 ac pump. Belts line up mucho better!! Just waiting on my seat!! Still need to wash the engine bay haha


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Small things today. I forgot I unhooked the heater core cause it was leaking. I took it out and soldered it up. I got it to stop leaking!!! My seat should be done anytime now. I took it for a drive with my motorcycle stand seat hahahaha


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Got my seat!!! Feels way different than the old one!!! The wife and I took it to dinner tonight ( the kids are with grandma). Bout 80 mile round trip. We went up one of the mountain passes to a restaurant in the hills. Flawless drive!!! So happy!!


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Seat looks comfortable![cl

It's not bad. The bottom is now all foam. The stock springs where toast. It might be a hair tall with the visor on it. It will break in a little. It is way better than the original!
I like that you kept the original seat frame. By jove, I believe you have built the perfect truck.[cl
I like that you kept the original seat frame. By jove, I believe you have built the perfect truck.[cl

Thank you for the kind words good sir. It's been a great truck, I should not have let it sit so long. When I originally started this build is when I was in high school I had big dreams. I was going to have it painted and we were going to do full upholstery on it and I was going to put bucket seats with the center console. So I got rid of the factory seat, and then we had a couple old manure spreader trucks and we parted those out also. Well then reality set in and when I started actually building the truck on my own I realized how expensive it was going to be to do a street rod build. I had to buy that seat frame and I paid good money for it lol. I got so much flack from people when I was building it originally on the way I was doing it. I'm so glad I did it this way now it's a head turner for sure, and it stands out in a parking lot
So I finally got my pickup in for an alignment. It wasn't that far out but I could tell it needed to be checked. I told the guy when I handed him the keys I should probably go out and show him how to start it and he laughed at me and told me I can figure it out. 5 minutes later he came back in and asked me to show him how to start it. I took the original mechanical push button off the floor and run an electric one so you have to start it with your foot. No big deal, he got it up on the rack it was on there for about an hour And he pulled it off the rack and drove it. Came back in paid for it and said it all look good and drove really nice. I go out and get in the truck to take off and the shifter looks like it's in neutral. Tried to put it in the park and it wouldn't go so I pulled back on the stick and it went into reverse, weird. Didn't really think much of it until I pulled into the O'Reilly's parking lot and realized what they had done. This shifter has detents in it and you have to pull the shifter over towards you to the left just a little bit to release pressure and then it will pull back. The Neanderthal decided to reef on the shifter hard enough to bend a 3/8 stud that holds the shifter handle on and the bracket that it bolts to the transmission. This is exactly why I do not let other people touch my vehicles. I refrained from going back across the road and feeding the man to death with the stick because I knew it would not do me any good. I was able to bend it back enough to get it where I can actually drive the silly thing. When I get pulled this afternoon and get some time I will pull the stick all the way off of it and remake the extension that I made that he bent. People amaze me


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