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Yup, the same reason I don't let anyone drive my rides without accompanying them.
Same lesson learned.

Yeah I don't even think my dad has driven this and it was his truck originally lol. That's why I didn't go back over there. I should have shown him how to do it. I don't think it's that difficult. But he doesn't drive it all the time. I'll take the blame for it
I got it fixed I put 100 plus miles on the truck today, so happy to have this thing back on the road


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That's irritating, but I agree not worth fighting about. You know how that would probably go.

The truck looks great!

Your right. I fixed it and telling them wouldn't do anything. Just sucks you put so much effort into something and people don't care
So I used Lincoln mark 7 bags on this truck when I built it years ago. They have served me well but one started slowly leaking the other day. I ordered new ones but to no surprise the are cheap Chinese poop and don't work like the factory ones. So I did what I should have done when I got the truck back on the road earlier this spring and I replaced them with a normal set. I figured out an easy way to plate the hole where the Lincoln bag mounted so I could bolt a double bellow bag into it and then built a coupler to attach it to my lower links. Actually didn't take me very long to do and the truck surprisingly handles way better than I did before. Those Lincoln bags were really big and soft and they actually stretched out a lot so the truck had more of a softer swaying ride to it. With this shorter little bit stiffer bag it handles a lot better which is perfectly fine with me


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