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Feb 23, 2011
I was at the World of Wheels in Chicago(Rosemont) yesterday. Huge show over-all, unfortunately I only had 4 hrs. There was a dozen + Rats there, 50's rockabilly DJ, and Voodoo Larry and the all usual suspects. One thing that stood out immediately the Rat crowd nicest grough in the building. I walked in with a punch list of hands on questions...everyone was outstanding in offering their knowledge & advice. :cool:

It turned out one of the small frame & fab shops is a neighbor about 6 miles from my house. One of my concerns in my search for a roadster is craming 6" 215# of me into that small space and how my sz 12 clod hoppers are going to work that clutch, brake & gas pedals [S

Unless there's some kinda secrect rat trick that no one's telling me until I actualy own one??? I think I'd have to have an automatic.

Honestly now, I'm not asking for the secrect handshake or the password to the clubhouse. Just how does a Sasquatch manage to work those tiny pedals?
I too wear size 12 EE boots, so all of my rods were built with auto trans and most had the brake pedal on the left of the steering column. If you didn't chop and channel your rat you mite get all 3 pedals in there by staggering them. A buddy has a 46 Chevy truck, 4 speed chopped but not channeled, so he doesn't have too much trouble cuz the trans tunnel is original...good luck..;)
wow you guys have some little feet i wear 13s or 14s depending on the shoe and im 6'5 but i still want to do a 4inch chop on my project i hope i fit lol
I agree with Fuzz - you either don't channel it and leave the stock floor, or you could channel but push your engine forward so the bellhousing doesn't take up all your foot room.

I built a '29 Model A with a 4" channel and engine pushed forward and I could have fit a clutch in there - it was auto though. I have size 13s.

The car in my avatar has a 6 inch channel but again the engine is forward so the bell barely intrudes into the cockpit
I thought it was a little funny 99% of the visitors were oohhing & aaghing over the cars & the rockabilly girls, and I'm taking pictures of clutch, brake
and gas pedals. :D

BigIrish - "push your engine forward so the bellhousing doesn't take up all your foot room."

Why a the brillant ideas always the the most simple ones? ;)
BigIrish - "push your engine forward so the bellhousing doesn't take up all your foot room."

Why a the brillant ideas always the the most simple ones? ;)

...because engine set-back is cool.

I've struggled with the same issue on my boat-tail. For looks, the motor needs to be close to the firewall. Recessing the motor is even better...visually.
I used the the wilwood pedal assembly from speedway. hung them from a 1" square tube frame . still could'nt make room for the gas pedal on the floor so it's on top of the tranny. Im also a size 12 and can only drive with tennis shoes on. it's all worth it to have a three pedal car


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I don't know why you guy's with huge feet even worry about pedals...or even floors or motors....with ski's like those you should be able to just FLINTSTONE it down the road no on gas too!!! I can run faster scared than you can mad!!!
To me I think you just need to working the gears old school in a roadster. I can see a lead slead running an automatic.
Met a guy at the Torque Fest last year that put his gas pedal over the trans hump sideways. I sat in it and it was actually comfortable. He drove it several hours and said the seats got rough, but his legs were fine.

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