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Mar 7, 2014
West by God Virginia
This my uncle Ronnie,(on the left) the man responsible for getting me hooked
on this hobby when I was only 5 yrs old. Went to all his races my parents would let me. He raced dirt track and had a 32 5 window Ford coupe he drag raced with a lot of success. He must have had a lot of patience with me because when ever I was with him I wanted to "help" work on the hot rod. when I was 13 he drug home a 51 chevy and told me if I helped him (ha) get it running I could drive it, so I did everything he told me to and sure enough, I learned how to drive in that ol chevy. We kept the car on my grandfathers' farm and there were a lot of dirt back roads. So one day at the age of almost 15 he turned me loose, big mistake. I was hammering down and trying to get the car to slide around the turns and... you guessed it over in the ditch I went. about and hour later I heard the put put of the old farmall, it was my uncle, he hooked a chain to the car and pulled me out and never said a word or cracked a smile. When we got back and checked for damage and all was good he finally smiled and just said your going to need more seat time. Good times.:D



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Good story. [cl

Next to the other guy, your uncle looks seven feet tall.

Looking closer, I think I see Packard on the engine. :cool:

Right on
My dad let me drive while road hunting rabbits at night, If I remember right, I was 10
At 16, my Uncle and I built a Renault Dauphine for me to race in the mini stock class that had just started around here.
Loved the story, until your second post. You are lucky to have had Uncle Ronnie in your life.

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