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Jan 13, 2018
South West CT
Brought my 02 Dakota in the shop yesterday for a front end noise. Turned out to be the prop shaft on the diff. Problem is that my buddy at the garage was talking to me about the miss he was feeling on the test drive. He was saying that the 4.7 engines have a valve seat collapse problem. Said it could also be spark plug, coil pack, etc. Figure I will change the plugs and hope for the best. Kind of bumming a bit. Love this rust bucket and it has served me well. Why do we get so attached to our vehicles? Jim
Those 4.7s don't have a very good reputation.
There were some valve seat issues, lifter seat issues, clogged up oil galley issues, and timing belt guide issues. From what I have heard, the clogged up oil galley is bad news, but once the other issues have been addressed, the motor seems to be pretty good. The word was that you should seek out people that have dealt with those 4.7 issues in the past and have experience with fixing them. It seems the issues are difficult to correct for 1st time repair guys.

My experience is that we seem to get attached to vehicles that have served us well, if its been a heap that always needs something, most of us don't get very attached. Well, except for those rides we love for some unknown reason.

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