What Did Ya Get Done This Weekend?

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May 11, 2007
Pompano Beach, Fl
After reading Rat33's progress report for the weekend, I'd thought I'd start a thread for everybody.

My weekend didn't go as planned and I didn't get much accomplished. The metal supplier was out of the sheet aluminum that I needed to finish my interior panels so I just made the patterns and made some attachment points inside the car for the panels. Not really picture worthy.

My windshield frame came back from the plater but the glass didn't get cut. I installed the frame anyway. I'm pleased with the outcome.

We pulled the rusty frames off of my bomber seats and gave them a quick coat of color.

There was misc. work on a couple of other projects but nothing noteworthy yet. I'll have to wait until I get further along with those to post.
Seat time!

I cleaned my shop up but the weather was so nice I filled the old Daytripper up, hit the road & got some sun! ; - > I had planned on finishing my top chop up but... I wore my rear out instead. I'll make up for it this week & post pictures... promise!!!

Did u make those seat mounts?

your car is looking awesome Gastric , I really like that hood........ all I managed to do was buy a couple of dog collars for my tank , (I liked your hood straps) and a whole lot of yard work....


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I had a pretty good week,(been on vacation) took the Jag ifs off the frame, got the front of the frame boxed, got the rear of the frame boxed. Motor mounts and tranny cross should be here by the middle of the week. Rear Jag cross I ordered should be here soon was mailed on Friday. Like to get it all on the frame by next weekend. Got the Jag Irs ready to put in. One more week of vacation left.(Self-employed just took off) Hope to have a rolling chassis very soon. Sorry for the double post I put it on Don's engine post by mistake.:D:D:D:D
Gas, the Frame looks AWESOME and I love the green on the seat bases.

24, you have any close pics of the 1/4 elliptics on the ride in the pic?

Mainly been spending time working on my Son's T. Got the frame etch primed, then shot some surfacing primer on it. Plan is to do some block sanding Monday night and spot putty up the little flaws, then shoot some color on it later in the week.

On my T, I built some baffles for the headers. They seem to have quieted it down a little, and if I need more I will stuff the headers with either stainless steel scrub pads or fiberglass. Also got my stainless steel brake lines in and got them bent up. Just need a couple more fittings and I can wrap up the brakes.

Here is Don's frame in the green etch primer, and my baffles I built.



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All I got done this weekend was showing how well I can hold down a couch.

I did get something done, I helped one of the local kids install racing seats in his S-10. He was tickled to finally get them in. Good kid, and that was the first time I had his undivided attention. I got to teach him a lot this weekend.
i finally bought a blast cabinet! i had no idea what i missing out on :p

i spent a couple hours with a wire wheel and a dremel trying to clean up one half of the front brake calipers on the vette. took me less then ten minutes with the sand blaster. I was a little worried about getting stuff inside the caliper and the second caliper i did a much better job of taping off. I tripled checked both and cleaned the heck out of em afterwards. I would hate for some glass beads to be running around my brake system :eek:.

got a couple of coats of caliper paint on them and one of the hubs painted. Need to finish painting tonight and tuesday, hopefully i can get it all back together by wednesday night. we'll see.

otherwise, i worked at my second job, and watched a couple movies- the wickerman and lady in the water, both were pretty good. Also, everyone looks like they made great progress this weekend, awesome.

Keep that couch under control flat! :D
I went back out and got a door and some roof pieces for the A. I also painted my big truck cammo green. With the hummer tires and the paint it looks straight out of the military.
Dash work in progress!

Well I thought I'd post what we got done this weekend too!
We cut and welded more on my sons Nash.Filled the center on top and got some welded in solid.The rear window was sloped way more than we wanted so we cut two parallel lines from the base of the top strait back and then across the trunk area. Then cut out 8 inches from there back ( the little wedge shape) and then slid the whole deck forward that 8 inches.Then we got it tacked back in and the passengers side got welded in solid.NOW we have to cut the trunk lid and lengthen it and fill in the 8 inch gap on the lid and the rear quarters!
This car has been cut on more than Michael Jackson! LOL!
I worked on my tudor too but will post pics later!


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Nash drive train!

Going to build a 2x4 box frame, cause its a unibody!
My son already has the front susp.Its a tubular a-arm mustang 2 with air bags and 1 in. narrower arms.It has 2 in. dropped spindels.All from Speed way! Rear will be tubbed using a 9 in.Ford with 4-link and bags and the rear tires are 21 X 33 MT's.
PS........This car was a 4-door originally!
Don, love the baffles. Have you tried them yet or seen them work? I havnt seen them used like that before. Your car is looking sweet, almost there.:D

Gastrick - WOW! thats all.

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