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Aug 11, 2015
Hi everyone, finally getting around to start my build log to show what I am working on. This project will likely be a lengthy one, but hopefully an interesting one at the same time. I'm sure, everyone's opinion on a rat budget will differ. For my build, I'm hoping to stay under $5000 for the complete build. And yes, that is $5000 Canadian. Was originally aiming for less, but tires and brakes will likely destroy a good $1500 of my budget. Unless I find a good used set of tires. Would like wide white walls on skinnies up front, and black wall cheater slicks on the back.

I came across this truck while working for a landscaping business. I was to take care of a customers yard while he was on vacation. While there, I noticed an old truck cab back beside a shed. Going through my boss, I got the customers name and number. Called him up, set a date up to come check the cab out and chat
Turned out that the cab was all twisted and beyond buildable. The guy showed me his truck that he built, and while looking at it. He told me that he had a '50 international l110 at his parents behind a barn, and that he would sell me the cab for $150. We set up a date to check it out. When we finally got to meet at his parents, I had the trailer, work truck and my brother in law with me. A deal was made, and he told me I could have the frame with it aswell.

Once I started to figure out how I wanted to build the truck, I decided to sell the frame and drivetrain to get money back. Also, the frame was too good to cut up, so the people I sold it too ended up with a chassis and drivetrain for their restoration. $200, and the chassis was on their trailer and heading down the driveway. Now, I was with a, basically free, truck cab and $50. The 50 bucks paid for a new data plaque/tag for in the cab. Serial numbers I actually had punched into the tag were by the old owner, as he had the proper punching tools to do so.

At this point I considered myself to be at a $0 balance in my budget.

While scrolling online I came across some parts. $50 for a pair of '50s aviation seat belts. $600 for a 1996 dodge ram 2500 parts truck. This truck had a v10, auto and Dana 70 rear axle, so I quickly scrapped the idea of putting my 318 into the truck. Called the seller and bought the truck. The truck was missing body parts and rough looking, but after throwing a battery in, it started right up and didn't smoke or tick. It had 280,000kms on the odometer. Probably not going to pull the engine apart, with exception to the top end. I'd like to beef up the transmission a little, maybe a shift kit and depending on the cam choice, raise the stall. If I am able to locate a manual transmission, I'll be selling this trans and using the stick. The rear end will most likely be getting a Detroit locker as the factory posi isn't working. I found this out during a burnout, after only leaving 1 black strip. I may use some other parts from the truck as well.

At this point I consider myself $650 out of my pocket, into the project.

While traveling to work one Saturday, I noticed a sign for a garage sale with antiques. Stopping in on the way home, I was able to find a plaid blanket for $12. Depending on how much room I have in the cab I am planning to use the back bench out of the parts truck. Then cover it with the blanket.

For the box, I am tearing apart an old metal cabinet and using the shelving to construct it. It is dark green and rusty so it fits the bill. The shade is slightly off from the cab, but it works for me. After doing a mock up, if I like the size it will be welded together. The shelves are 46" long and 24" tall. I'm going to add angled strip to the tops of the sides and use 1" piping to create that old truck box look. That piping I found at a metal shop, in their scrap cut off room, for $20. My father had to tear down his old shop, so I kept some of the weathered boards to use as the bed.

At this point, I'm basically $682 into my rat build.

Next I met a nice older guy through a trade for parts. I was able to trade a bunch of parts I had laying around for some nice useful parts to use on my build. During this trade, I was able to acquire:
- a '34 style ford grille in fiberglass
- a metal grille. Not sure on year or if ford or chevy?
- custom tubed dropped front axle + transverse spring behind
- was told they are '40s headlights. They are 9" in diameter
- '40s - '50s truck mirrors that attach to the top door hinge

I am currently working with this guy in a deal for a z'ed frame he built. It is z'ed 15" in the back and 140" in total length. The deal is $200 and to help him search for parts for his project cars.

Including the frame I'd be $882 out of my pocket into the project so far.
Here are some pics so far


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Thanks man.

Most of the rot will be gone after I build a new floor 2 inches higher then the old one, then cut out the old one. As well as a couple inches off the bottom of the cab. It seems like the easiest way to get of the rot in the floor, cab corners and lower half of the cowl sides. Should look decent too, in my mind.

After I do that, hopefully I'll have my frame picked up so I can position the cab on the frame and make new cab mounts. I saved the cab mounts (rubber) from my parts truck, so I'll use them.

The frame I'm getting has a single "z" . 15 inches in the back. I'm in debate about cutting the front half of the frame and sitting it on top of the other half. Overlapping, 4" to create a double "z ed" frame. Kinda typing out my thoughts backwards, but yes, this step would be done before mounting the cab to the frame. Lol
Well finally got a few hours in on the build over the course of this weekend.

Spent some time on sanding down the cab. Trying to get through the red paint/primer and down to the green paint and rust.

Worked some on the parts truck. Got the driveshaft out, transmission mount unbolted, finished removing the main engine bay wiring harness and removing the steering box and assembly. Aldo cut off the 2 sections at the front of the frame that the rad surrounding rested in. After looking at them I wanted to keep em, incase they could be used for tops in a coilover setup. Depending on which style of coilovers I get/find. I want the style with eyes at each end.

Picking my frame up in 2 weeks. So getting excited about that. Also, in exchange for some work for the guy I'm getting my frame off of. I picked up some adjustable links to use in a 4 bar link setup and watts setup that I plan to make.

Just need to get some hydraulic fluid for the backhoe, then I can pull the engine / transmission and rearend from the parts truck.

Got to cut the floor out of the truck, then when I get my frame I'll finally be able to start mocking up my build.
Some pics


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Been busy with work, but took a vacation day off today to spend the day with my little girl. We went up to Brockville and picked up my frame today too. Pic isn't that great, but it gives and idea of the configuration. Better pics will come. The frame will be getting gussets, a couple more crossmembers and a set of homemade frame horns at the front. The frame ends will be capped off later on as I plan to run wiring and plumbing (for a under box mounted radiator) inside the rails for a cleaner look.

As an added bonus, my new car buddy told me he had a surprise for me when I picked the frame up. Before loading the frame he brought me in the ship and handed me pieces he made me for a front mount to do my suicide front axle setup. Very nice and generous guy to take his own materials and time to make this for me. Pics of that after


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You're making good progress and keeping within a slim budget too. You'll find friends that will be invaluable for scoring parts and believe it or not some of them are as interested in helping another build his project....barter is not a bad thing but remember to pay it forward!
Thanks for the kind words, my new found friend is 78, going on 79 years old. He and I have stuck a friendship through cars as a few others, but something about him reminds me of my grandfather.my grandparents lived next to me for my entire life, until their passing a few years back. They were a second set of parents to me. So that's what made the click. He told me that he probably has most of the parts that I'll need to build my truck and will basically help me build my rod. Everytime I stop by, we get chatting and he takes his time to show me on one of his cars, as he is explaining how to do something. He actually told me that he enjoys helping people learn to to build their cars as much as he enjoys building his own. His shop is amazing. It's like what you look at in magazines. He has built hotrods and cars his whole life, so his parts are amazing. And well organized.


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Nice truck. I've always love those two back windows in the internationals. There is someone else on here building a rat with one of those cabs. I wish I could remember there name.
Nice truck. I've always love those two back windows in the internationals. There is someone else on here building a rat with one of those cabs. I wish I could remember there name.

I'm building a 50 model and JMCOLORADO is building a 1950 also and his build is NASTY. I love the old Binders. Mine was bought new by my Papaw. It hasn't been tagged since 1963 and dad said it hadn't been started or even moved since 68-69. Mines a mess, but it's all there and a rat for sure!

Btw....1950 was the only year for the "hidden hinge" doors, so feel privileged lol.
Well finally got some work done this past thanksgiving long weekend. My father and I were able to pull the engine/transmission and rear end from my parts truck.

With any luck, this weekend I'll get my cab moved so I can lay down a couple more sheets of plywood I have. Getting closer to having a complete floor in my poor man's workshop. Once I get a bunch of jack stands I can get the engine/transmission up off the floor, and at a decent working height. Then I can lay my frame out, set the cab over the frame to plan out a new floor in the cab, and start mocking up the rearend and front end.

Some pics are sideways again. Lol


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Engine + transmission + rear are out of a 1996 dodge ram 2500 2wd.

488ci V10 , 4 speed auto overdrive, Dana 70 posi rear end ��

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