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Mounted gas pedal. Spent the rest of today bleeding brakes, fixing leak @ trans cooler :( , rewiring the radiator fan (just the wire to the ign sw),
troubleshooting horn ( new harness, bad relay :eek:) ,change valve cover
gaskets & tried to figure if it was viable for me to build my own pipes from
exh manifolds to sidepipes. Also, all the little stuff like making sure fluid levels
are right, etc....


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Just can't leave well enough alone. Got cleaned up & ready to call it a
night (early, too, only 10pm).
Noooooooo, just had to do a few more things.

Oh well ! Now tomorrow (later this morning) she can formally re-welcome
"The Beast" back to the world of the running !


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Finally !!!!! (11pm)
It's Miller Time :D:D:D


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A few shot out in the fresh air,,,,,,,
all that's left is a trip to the exhaust shop to hook up them sidepipes !!!


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:cool:A girl & her truck,,,,,,,,
it's a Wonderful Thing :D:D:D


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You did a really nice job on that truck & it should b good ta go for quite some time now... I'm sure u're wife is glad to have it back. Has she driven it yet?

Thanks guys. No, she hasn't driven it as of yet. I still have a small :rolleyes:
brake issue with it. Brakes bled out fine pedal is low but, brakes stop. With booster disconnected pedal comes up about 1/2 way. Gonna double check adjustment & not sure if not using a proportioning valve or residual pressure valve is the culprit. I want her not have to have a bit of problems before she drives it.

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