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Mar 23, 2024
New to the forum so figured I would post a build thread as I’m starting my car.

I have always loved the tudors and have dreamt of building one but never had the money to get started. Now that both my kids are older 10 and 7 I have a little more money to play with. I have always kept my eyes out for a sedan but they were always out of my budget for a rusty body to chop up. My patience payed off last year when a decent body popped up 20 minutes away from my house for $650. I offered the guy $700 to hold it for me till I got out of work he agreed and I went and picked it up.

I put it up on my trailer and let it sit while I collected parts to build a frame. 3-5-24 I picked up a frame and front end and 8.8 rear axle for $200.
On 3-21-24 I brought the parts home and couldn’t help from doing a mock up of the frame and body. View attachment IMG_3183.jpegView attachment IMG_3189.jpeg
Then it snowed the next day and I haven’t been back out to work on it. My plans are to make it a roller then put it back in the corner while I collect drivetrain parts for it.
I got the front of the frame z’d I still need to weld the inside and fish plate the outside and plate the inside I will probably Addams sleeve and through bolt while I’m plating it for the arm mounts. I only have about 2 hours in to this as of right now. It looks my dad and I will be channeling and zing the 29 and 30 Tudor’s he has. We bought them in a lot with some other stuff and haven’t had much interest in them so I told him let’s channel and z the frames they will sell better that way.
View attachment IMG_3300.jpeg

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