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Mar 16, 2024
17th Annual Sleds Midwest Car Show and Cruise in Branson! This Annual Pre-1980 Car event is more than just a Cool Cruise, we have Free catered Friday Feast, evening entertainment every evening, and Branson entertainment 2 for 1 tickets and more, Car Corral. Door prizes, Celebrity and Sponsor judging. The coolest awards and Fun for the whole family. Bring Your car, truck, or motorcycle and help us raise funds for a great cause! Come Cruise with us! A;; Pre-1980 cool vehicles are WELCOME! sledsmidwest website
Welcome to the site
Wished ya had of introduced yourself first instead of jumping on here and advertising something immediately.
"Pre 1980 cool vehicles" Seems weird to me, probably cause I am so old. I guess 1980 was a turning point in vehicles, we lost the 79 ford pickup body style, and emissions were coming on pretty strong. The Mustang gt was the same body style, but still a far cry from 65-70 cars. Camaros had the same body from 79-80, so did the Corvette. I guess you have to have a cut off, or somebody will bring in a newer cool car.
We have another show here called Hot Rod Holiday, a good friend of mine puts it on in November, it's open to everything including new cars such as Hell Cats, Mustangs, Camaro's etc. pretty much anything someone wants to register.
I like looking at them all.
The Branson show is pretty good. Lots of stuff for the family to do and see.
The 76 strip gets gridlocked with the show cars and regular traffic a lot.

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