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Brother Rat
Oct 11, 2008
Dixon, IA

QUICK AND DIRTY RULES: for the lazy reader
***All entries must be a photo taken by you*** no matter how long ago.
Please, no bigger than 1024x1024 pixels. At least 500 pixels one direction.
There is very limited photo editing allowed. (see below)
No more than 3 pics posted per round. Only the last will be judged.
Amateurs only.
There are subject matter restrictions. In general it's rats, traditionals, kustoms, and your shop.
No profanity, pets, or people.
Purposely trying to skirt the rules will get your entry disqualified!
I reserve the right to shut it all down and keep the prizes. So don't be jerks.
Feel free to get help re-sizing pics. I know some are not tech headed.

--===THE DETAILS===--

There will be 5-6 rounds Each month will be one round that's like a small contest in itself. The winner of that round will choose the subject from a list and be the judge for the next round. The judge will choose 10 pics from all that rounds entries, and those pics will be put into a poll to be voted on by everyone. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place entries for each round will be be put in a poll at the very end of the contest for a final vote. Contest over. Prizes awarded.

Since I don't have anything in hand yet, I'll just say I plan to spend well over $100 just for 1st prize, although.... I was talking with Bonehead today.

Only one prize per person. No trifecta - spread the love fellas.


Any one that is a RRR member as of May 3rd 2016. (Even me)
Anyone with at least 50 posts. (No outside ringers)
except for
Professional photographers, graphic artists, etc. (This is an amateurs only contest, so if you have made money from taking photos or frame-able art, you are out. Sorry. (Metal sculpture and the like does not count as frame-able art.))

Of course, you won't be able to enter a pic into a round you are judging.

It doesn't matter if it was taken 30 years ago, it just has to be your pic, taken by you.

Each round of the contest will have it's own Picture Submission Thread.
Only one pic per person per round will be judged. If you submit more than one, only the last one will be used.
If you post more than 3 pics in one round, NONE WILL BE ACCEPTED past 3 - don't pic hoe the contest.

Pictures should be no larger than 1,024 pixels on either side. Nor any smaller than 500p on one side. For example, if you wanted a panoramic style shot it could be 300 tall by 1000 long or say 500 tall by 200 wide, but not 700x1200 or 400x200. Get it?

No photos that have been submitted to other contests or other rounds of this contest.

Same and nearly identical shots will be nixed too. If you move the camera 2 inches and make it black and white, it's still the same shot.

If you copy someone else's idea - that's permissible. Maybe not ethical or original, but permissible.

A cut off date and time will be posted for each round. No entries will be accepted after that time. Time will be figured US-CST, that is the time zone I live in - Iowa, USA. (You will have 2-3 weeks to submit, so don't wait until the last second and you'll be good)

No profanity, vulgarity, people or pets. (Spectators in the background at a car show or a sneaky cat in the corner of the pic is OK. A dog, child, or wife in the center of the pic is not. Get it?)

Limited photo editing will be allowed:

The only filters allowed are Black/White and Sepia.

Blurring of licence plates, house numbers, cuss words, etc. will be allowed.

Anything else is not allowed. No borders, captions, image manipulation, individual color adjustment, use of layers, filters, etc.

The above refers to editing or adjusting before, during, or after a photo is taken.

I will be in charge of deciding what counts as a eligible content per the above posted rules. If in doubt, leave it out.

This is a Rat Rod site, so lets keep the RRR vibe or I will nix it.
\\\Stuff With Wheels\\\
Ratrods, traditionals, kustoms, old stock... of course!! Muscle cars, street rods, newer Harleys, billet... eh, not so much. Kustom bicycles, wagons, cafe racers, or even old Cushman's... why not? I know there is a lot of cross over stuff, so there are no hard and fast rules here. A Easter egg painted 32 Ford with 22's - no. A rat with 22's - sure. A ratted out Celica- uh..OK... but, don't be surprised if it still doesn't get chosen. If you take a detail pic of the banjo steering wheel of that Easter egg 32 Ford, it could be a winner - if you can't see the rest, it doesn't matter, does it?

\\\The Shop\\\
Scenes and stuff from around your shop could be cool. It just needs to be vehicle related. Motorcycle parts, tools, grinding dust, used oil cans.... if it's about building a rat it could make a cool pic!

I will also be in charge of deciding what is eligible subject matter.

I will try to let people know if their submission has been disqualified and why - ASAP - although that may be a day or two sometimes.

The judge for the new round will be the previous round winner.

The first thing the judge will do is choose a Theme for the new round from a list. That theme will then be the subject matter for the new round.

After the submission time has ended, the judge will decide which 10 of the eligible entries will be in that rounds poll.

Judging will be based on what he thinks is a cool picture and how well it represents the theme.

I will give judges a short explanation of what they need to do and how. It will be simple.

THERE WILL BE NO COMPLAINING about why your pic didn't get chosen over another by the judge! The judge has an opinion, and since he won the position, his opinion counts, yours doesn't. Respect that.

You can be judge only once. If you get 1st a second time, figure you just doubled your chances to earn a prize in the final contest. 2nd place will become the judge.

Any RRR member can vote - ONCE per round.
Voting for your own pic will get it disqualified!
The top 3 will be entered in the final poll after all the rounds.

Each round will have a new theme. It may be something like "Round things" or "Red". Each entry must follow that theme and be within the General Theme of the Contest. For instance "Round things" could be a pic of a steering wheel, or of a car where the tires really draw your attention, a timing gear or even a 1/2 socket. "Red" might be a bunch of tail lights at night, the red line on a tach, or a car in front of a big red wall. If the theme doesn't have a important part in the composition or it doesn't fit the contest, it will be rejected by me. A bright red toaster or a big round tube isn't what this contest is about. Park a cool car inside a big round tube and that might be a cool pic. Get it?

Be Creative!!! Think outside the box!

If there comes to be too much butt hurt I will shut the contest down and keep the prizes for myself. They will be cool prizes, so don't give me a reason.

Constructive criticism and helpful suggestions are welcome of course.

The first round will be open and I will be the judge.

Any questions - ask!

Each round may have additions or subtractions to the rules as needed. They will be posted at the top of the current round and will not change until the next round.

I will have instructions and helpful suggestions for judges.

Just in case this runs into some unforseen problem, I reserve the right to not give out any prizes.

NOTHING IN THIS THREAD AFTER THIS POST IS A RULE - any rule changes will be posted at the top of the new round Submission Thread.
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Man am I excited!!!! Had a e-mail exchange with Bonehead and one of his cool skull shift knobs is gonna be 1st prize. No pic of it because he said he'd probably make a new one. Very cool!!

So, if some of you newer RRR members don't know Bonehead, he's one of the Original Dirty Dozen that's been at RRR since the beginning. His builds and art are amazing.
Check it here:Dead or Alive build
and here:Bonehead Art Some really cool Western Art further in the thread.

Below is an example of his skull work. I'm not saying the grand prize is gonna be that insane (those skulls don't come cheap!) but guaranteed whatever he does, it will be a one of a kind and something you'll be dang proud to have!


This not the prize! It's only an example of Bonehead's art.
If that doesn't make you wanna grab your camera's I don't know what will!
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