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Nov 30, 2009
Southern Ontario
Just a short build thread here - I'm feeling a bit guilty for not posting earlier, as this has been in the shop for a few weeks now.
Backstory - I looked and looked for a project to keep me out of the house this winter, but didn't find anything that really scratched my itch. A friend of a friend asked if I'd take on his truck and do some work on it so I agreed. It's a 1946 Ford with a 1978 F100 clip, ~68 Imperial differential. 289 powered. The owner originally wanted an MII front end, but is happy with the way it currently sits. After a lot of looking and thinking, we agreed to leave the existing front end in it. He says it drives just fine, stops without issue, etc. I just couldn't see him spending all that money for incremental gain. I have changed the trans from a C4 to an AOD. It had a homemade shifter, so I've changed it to a Lokar unit.


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