1946 Oldsmobile 78 Reserection {my way}

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Hood Ornament

1950 Cadillac Flying Goddess looks right just need to tie it in to my chrome hood strip.


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This project is getting crazy especially when it comes to fitting the front clip onto the Camaro subframe. The radiator core support was cut to fit around the steering box. The splash pan had to be cut out and then I trimmed for it to fit around the rails in tack weld it back together has a lot of rust issues but when I disassemble the pieces and prep for paint I can address those cancer issues. This is one of those projects where you just got to keep figuring s*** out. Thanks for watching


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I can definitely sympathize with your troubles getting stuff to fit. I went through the same deal, mounting the front clip to the Camaro subframe on my '56 Ford. Its coming along great...keep plugging along!
Starting the Pick-A-Part the cancer and line the fender. I have started to cut rust and reshape lots of cancer front Clips rest but I'm going to have to make it work


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I've been lurking.... I used a 66 stock Mustang radiator. Fit between the rails, but isn't enough to keep a 350 cool after the outside temp gets over 80 degrees. Need to figure something else out but just haven't had the time.

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