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Finished up a few other things today too.

I mounted the master and booster on so I can run the brake lines to the front and connect to the rear.

I cut the bolts down holding the booster and then chamfered the ends using this cool little tool I found on Amazon.

Hooked up the throttle cable with a new pin and TV cable for the 700
I put the left fender on to check the lines on the mater cylinder and of course they hit the fender so I rebent them to fit better. I'm using a GM combination valve. Metering and proportioning valve.

And then ran the rear brake line.

I removed the steering rack to mount the right front brake line to the crossmember. I like to use the spring gravel shield on the front lines.

Battery Box

Laid out a pattern for a battery box. I'm puting it on the right fender where it will be close to the sbc starter. I did not want to put it in the trunk.

Got to break out the metal brake!

Since I dont have a box brake I used a plate and my table to make my third bend.

We now have a battery box.

Roughed in and need to fine tune.

Got the starter and harness in.
Finished the battery box. Now I need a nice day to go to the Pull-A-Part to look for a Group 75 battery tray some battery cables and bunch of little stuff. They also sell batteries so I'll check for a Group 75 battery too.


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