1951 Heavy Chop Chevy Build Project

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Jul 27, 2008
Wheaton IL
Chopped Chevy build project


Hello guys and gals,

I am very proud and very excited to get it going. I wanted to start a build thread of our own. A bit about how I got her. I posted on Craigs List a Golf cart that I had picked up for nothing. Added a few mods that still cost me nothing. I was in search of a 50s or 60s car. A guy contacted me with the car we now own....fast forward past all the boring details. We ended up trading the golf cart and $1500.00 for the car. We were very happy with that. The car was a shell with 10 boxes of parts (mostly interior parts). I have come across everything I have needed so far in the boxes. We put the 216 straight six back together and she fired right up. (It was also in pieces, not to bad just the head, generator, manifolds were off.) So before I paint up the engine I want to make sure it ran. So the engine pic is in its still filthy state. I have a lead on a 235 I may put in it. Its a 51 chevy with a heavy chop, 9" in the rear and 6" in the front. Has one 59 Chrysler tail light done, I have to duplicate the other. Has a modified chevy grille with a Mercury insert grille. shaved door handels, front hood corners are rounded. As far as our master plan............put it back together, make sure we have all the parts needed then start.......well, finish the "Rat" Below are a few pics. Sorry the above is kinda long.


Above is the cart we traded.


Above, first day home.


Above, first day home


Above, cleaned up engine compartment
Things are happening quicker then we thought. The engine is going in tomorrow. We can't wait to drive Her up and down the street. Gonna be fun!!!:p
Horse trader!

U're a pretty good horse trader... sweet. Glad it's comin' together for ya!!!


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