1952 chevy

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Ya can always go down but, ya can't go up on the price to sell one.
A friend of mine sold a '50 Chevy two door hardtop running and driving for 5,500 a couple months ago, if that helps any.
No, I still have it hahahaha.

It's not the best time of year for selling cars around here. I had a few people interested before I even listed it. We will see
Surprised it lasted 2 days even at Christmas time! Grats on the sale!

I was thinking it would take a while to sell this time of year. But my phone wouldn't stop ringing yesterday!! Makes room for more now hahaha
Good deal. I had my IH tractor on Marketplace for two months before I ended up getting rid of it, and I had to do a partial trade on some equipment to do that. Was just as well, because I'm putting what I got from it into equipment anyway, worked out that I didn't have to buy two pieces I wanted.

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