35 Dodge pickup Blown

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Old Iron

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May 19, 2011
Willard Mo.
I thought I start this thread as a re-due on a build a friend of mine traded for yesterday.
He really likes the truck but, doesn't like the gasser look.
He's a blower guy so the huffer is what caught his eye too.
As I don't know the builder of this ride we'll experience the good and the bad of it together, as I go.
What I do know.
35 Dodge pickup. fires up but, never driven
Fresh built standard bore 8.5 to 1 compression 454, 671 B&M huffer
320 aluminum heads
Carbs Holley ?????????? Don't know what size or if they are even setup for a blower yet.
Comp 268H nitrous grind cam
Fresh built 400 turbo
9" Ford fresh built traction lock 3.08 gears
Brakes GM disc front Ford drum rear
Suicide doors with mini bear claw latches
Top chopped 3" really good job too
Cab channeled 9" so you know what that means :(
Digital gauge package
Speedway dropped tube axle with hairpins
Vega cross steer box
Coil springs in the rear with hairpin control arms :confused:
Frame, home built 2x3x14" wall straight back to a medium kickup behind cab
Gm tilt column
Here's where we're starting





First thing on the agenda
Lower the frontend as much as I can with the existing parts.
Un-channel the cab 6"
Line up the bed to cab
After this we will see how much more he wants to do.


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The changes you outlined are exactly what I was seeing too, especially dropping the front down. But it looks like a great start and that motor sure is impressive ! [cl[cl Love me some blowers ! :D

Keep us posted how it goes, I like it.

Yup. Looks like this one will be interesting. The list of mods sounds good to me, too.

Oh yea. I wouldn't mind seeing those valve covers replaced. But that is just my personal opinion.
Oh yea. I wouldn't mind seeing those valve covers replaced. But that is just my personal opinion.
Your wish is my command ;)
The valve covers are on the list to be replaced.
Bruno, what year was the last for the suicide doors on the Dodge pickups???
We're going to paint this truck too. Just not green.
I don't think we're doing black either.
I won't have this ride, at my shop, for a week or two.
Old Iron, The early 35s had suicide doors, late 35s went to regular opening doors. Will be watching this build closely cuz I love the old Dodges. I think all of the 30s and 40s Dodge pick-ups were great looking trucks, the 50s 60s and 70s not so much.
I'll just tag along and I'm sure what ever you decide to do will be cool ...[P
Most of what Bruno said is right on the money. Sometime in '35, Dodge went away from suicide doors.
The only disagreement I have with Bruno is that there are some nice looking Dodge trucks in the late '60's.
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Ray brought the truck over yesterday for me to start the transformation.
I fired it up and pulled it in the shop which is a first. Usually I have to push them in and drive them out :cool:
We decided to put QA1 adjustable coilovers on the front with a panhard bar to hold the axle centered.

Alright this is the first step in the reconfiguration of this 35 Dodge
I lowered the front by 9 inches



The next step will to be to un-channel the cab by at least 6 "
To keep the cab at this height I will have to z the frame by at least 4"


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Much better!
I can't imagine channeling one of these old cabs 9".
That would be too short for my 5' nothing wife.
Stay after it, you're doing all the good for it.
Looking good OI.
I dig gassers and always have but not every Car/Truck looks good that way.
You will get this one in shape. No doubt.[cl

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