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Been slackin on y'all on postin pics.

Just the right size, OI. Nice work all around.

Do you know how long (miles) Those rod ends on the upper A arms last? Always wondered about non-lubricated rod ends in suspension applications.
Yep the pix are good. I thought I recognized that as a 292 by the tall side covers. Got me in the mood to do something with the motor and tranny combo I was gifted the other day. My bud's son in law gave me a 1970 250 complete from front to rear. Motor mounts, motor,, bell housing, clutch plates, Flywheel, 3 speed Saginaw(wish it was Muncie). I put it on the motor stand and messed with it enough to know is has good compression, rolls over nice, all holes were wrapped up tight with plastic so nothing got wet hanging on his chain hoist out in the yard. It's was swapped out of a Nova for a v8. I just happen to have some speed parts that I've been collecting.
Is that one of the Weber carbs you're using on that 292? I've got one of the 32/36 Webers for mine. Dying to see what it'll do to a 6er!
"Do you know how long (miles) Those rod ends on the upper A arms last? Always wondered about non-lubricated rod ends in suspension applications."
These are the rod ends with the nylon that help with longevity. They are also billet and are stronger, haven't had much luck with the other cast style ends.

small, it is a Weber 2 bbl and it has to run no more than 2.5 to 3.5 psi, hence the regulator on the firewall, even tho I'm running a manual pump.
This setup is a kit from Clifford's, Weber carb, Clifford intake and headers.
It seems the engine has solid lifters, don't know if it has a stock cam or a performance one. The engine is fresh with .060 overbore.
Yah! A man after my own heart. The 292 is great and looks like it will get right on down the boulevard. Around here I find it is about 20% of the car folks approve of a inline 6. Can't make horsepower yada, yada, yada. I like it because it is different and does the job. Granted you can build 2 SBC's for the price of one inline. I am in the process of trying to develope my own manifold/header for 3 Carter YF's. Not exactly the best combo and am having to do a lot of fussing. It may not work but again I wanted something totally different. I might have to try some carbs normally used for tri-power. Your ride will be fun and the build is very well done. Have fun and can't wait to see more. Steve
Oughta hum right on down the road! I watched a lot of Stovebolt's stuff some time back. It got me in the I6 mood. Some of that and a racing crew that used to operate close to me sure did well with them for no horse power.
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A fella named Joe Williams who owned Bonded Transmissions, had a altered with a punched out 292 with three side draft Webbers call Six Pack To Go. No one could out run him.
Mayfield had a 57 Chevy called Stormin Bull 427 built to the hill, challenged Joe to a grudge race and got his guts stomped out.
At the time I built the 300 Ford 6 for my dragster I had 2 292 cores in the garage. The Ford looked like it had more potential at a lower cost.

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