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so i learned three things today. First is that the p.o. is an idiot. He put bondo on every spot on the hood except where the bend is. (finally found one.) Second is that I understand you patina guys now...Sanding sucks. I cant do that to a car, but I understand why you guys do it now. Thirdly, I learned that body guys are underpaid.
I think that 99% of my free time is going to be spent sanding and painting. Did decide on a finished color today though. That will help me with the planning.


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raided the salvage yard today. Picked up a front bumper off a mazda 5, and a fly wheel for the v8. Tomorrow im going to get the 3 speed and bell housing. Im going to clean everthing up and get some pics then. if it ever stops raining.

Got me a nice ole 54 IH dually. There sum heavy duty trucks arent they? Good luck, its looking good. RR:D
Not a big fan of the stubby bumper. Looks like your getting the parts together well. Is that a 4 or 3 speed?
Those are nice trucks, red will look good. I would try to find an original bumper so it will fit right or make something that is close.
My dad had a '54 R-110 longbed, my mom has it now.
Some of the larger IH models had the signals on top of the fenders. I wouldn't put those big lights on a pickup but a small marker light would work.
This was my dad's '54 R-110, it was originally light blue. The guy he bought it from put the signal lights on top of the front bumper (ugly) because the originals rusted from the inside out and could not be saved. Dad eventually found an NOS set of lights.

Thanks, unfortunately my mother has it now and she is letting it deteriorate:mad: I would love to have that old truck. I found it in on the way home from school one day in 1984, my dad bought it for $1500:)

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