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Aug 2, 2015
Fort Worth
Picked this up a few weeks ago. Wife’s dream car. She also has a 2010 2ss/rs. Camaro with 426 hp. Sad thing is the project truck is up for sale. Just don’t have the space or time for 2 projects right now.



Too bad about the truck, but like Burgerman said, sometimes you just have to let stuff go. There will always be another! Interesting hood treatment on the 67.
Thanks. Yeah there will be another later. The hood is called a stinger hood. I think is was first on the corvettes or concept came from corvette hood. Not real sure but it was on the car when I got it. All steel hood though. It’s at a buddies house right now. Been replacing floor pans under rear seat, rear frame rails, trunk pan and leaf springs. Should be finished with that stuff in a few weekends.
Hood design was from the big block 66-67 Vette. Had to have the scoop to clear the air cleaner. You sure the scoop isn't fiberglass on a steel hood? I've never seen a steel scoop that style.
If you dump the 2010, you have space for another. ;) (Just saying, I'd take the '67 over any "new" Camaro.)

The stinger hood is strangely unique. If it's steel, I'd think it's the work of a talented sheet metal man, which I'm not!

The guy said it was a new aftermarket hood. They are for sale through a lot of vendors now. They say they are all metal. They also sell an all fiberglass one. I’ll check this weekend.

The 2010 is my wife’s car. I have driven it a hand full of times. Only 1 time without her in it with me! Her car not our car lol!!! My wife’s first two cars were camaro’s. Before her mom passed, she told her to take the money she would be getting and do what makes her happy. We got the 2010 the first year they starting making them again. We paid over half of it off and she said she was going to pay the last bit off with some of the money her mom left her. So it was kind of like a gift from her mom. Keeps her moms sunglasses in there with her. So it’s not going anywhere.

The 67 is her dream car. I’m not really a camaro guy. Going to build it for her to be able to drive. I like them but I’m more of a chevelle guy. Had a 69 in my early years. After the camaro is done I’m finding a 66 chevelle to build for me with big HP.
2X. Kick myself for selling my 66 Chevelle 2 door. All stock, got it from a granny. Bench seat, V8, power glide. :eek:

Sounds just like one I had. Yeah, I'm a Ford guy, but like most 60's Chevy's too. :D Mine was a 283, Glide, bench seat hardtop car. My wife's Great Uncle bought it new, his son drove it as his first car, then he let it sit about ten years and the tin termites got to it. When I got it, the trunk floor was an old sign!
I traded it for a VW dune buggy, what an idiot I was!

Always wanted a first gen Camaro, decent ones now are out of my price range, projects are mostly a vin on a rusty tub.
Brings back memories of my youth when these cars were new.:)
Two older brothers in our neighborhood when I was growing up were real gear heads. The older of the two had a 68(I believe) version of the Camaro. And his slightly younger brother had a 67 Chevelle with a built to the gills 396 in it. You practically had to tow start it the cam was so radical. I can still remember waking up in the summer to the sounds of him cranking that beast over. And when it lit up every window on the block would rattle. The older brother died when he wrapped his Camaro around a cement over pass support.. We tried to talk his mom into letting us salvage the engine from that car but she had it crushed.
Well I replaced the rear frame rails, trunk pan, torque boxes, shackles, bushings, floor pans under rear seat and fixed some other rotted spots. Also replaced the mono springs with 3 leaf replacements and got gas tank and tires back on to bring it back to the house, but couldn’t get the rear brakes to work. Going to replace master cylinder and fuel and rear brake line. Both lines have about 3 splices in each of them. Sorry about the one pic being upside down. Don’t know why it keeps showing up like that. I need a break!!! The 66 elcamino is my buddies. He’s putting floor pans in it now.




Well still working on the camaro. But been looking for me a chevelle for awhile. Was looking at an ad for a model A that looked great and spotted 2 66 ss chevelle’s in the back ground. Ended up buying one of them and brought it home a couple of weekends ago. true 138 car. Big block 4 speed with 12 bolt posi. Been sitting in a shed 20 years. Cranked every now and then. The a/c even blows cold. But after knocking off all the dust, it cleaned up pretty good.




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Thanks. Been looking awhile. Mostly only shells with nothing in them for way to much in my opinion. Barely saw the front tip of one and back corner of the other. But I knew what they were. Just happened to be everything I have been wanting as far a motor and 4 speed and SS. We probably will never sell them now that we have found what we wanted. Always regretted selling my 69 chevelle and wrecked my 75 Malibu.
Nice Camaro! Call me odd but I've always favored the gen 2's. Especially 1970, 396 4spd.
I had a 66 Chevelle in about 1981. I bought it for 500.00. The friend I bought it from thought it was blown up. After further investigation I found it had a couple of bent push rods and was out of gas. I replace the push rods and put some gas in it in front of his house and drove it away. It was a 396 glide getting about 6 miles to the gallon....fast though. Anyway, I sold the 396 for 500.00 and put a 327 / tight ratio 4 spd. in it. Then later sold it to a couple guys from Minnesota who were in Denver looking for a rust free Chevelle. They gave me 1500.00 for it. I used the money to pay for the wedding to my first wife. Ten months later we split up as she got to know me better. And here's the strange part, my friend that I bought it from was a cat named Bob Bridgman.......a descendant of Bridgman's Dairy that was later purchased by Land of Lakes in Minnesota.
I bet I tell this story 3 times a day when I'm in my 90's
Again nice Camaro your wife's a lucky gal!
like the rs (black one) love the vette hood scoop looks to spent some time there for the extra detail.

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