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Dr Crankenstein

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Mar 12, 2011
My cousin sent me a couple pics of his recently completed "labor of love". My uncle (his father) bought the car new and drove it until he passed in, ummm... 1992 if I recall correctly. It was in sad shape then and sat in storage for several years before the rebuild began. Several more years later, it's back to its former glory, plus a few performance enhancements. [ddd

I kid you not, seeing it again brings a tear to my eye. I first rode in the car when it was new and last in the '80s sometime. I have two more cousins who also caught the car bug from our uncle and his 442. Four young boys were forever influenced and one of those boys is responsible for the bodywork and paint.

RIP Uncle Glen





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Cool story and a really cool car Doc, it brought back a memory from 1977 for me, back in Winnipeg at the shop I worked at we a little old lady customer that had one of those with a big block, she would bring it for a tune up every September and the first thing we would do is a decarb as the compression numbers were all over 200 psi from all her putting around. The old mechanic I worked with always had a smoke in his mouth and coke in his hand and his decarb method was to bring the idle up to about 1800 and slowly pour coke down the carb :eek:
Thanks guys. The car means a lot to we four cousins... or as I prefer, "brothers, once removed". On a side, the project was in jeopardy more than once, due to a certain step-brother whom I'd like to choke! [ddd

P.S: Thanks for the story, Dozer. :p

When I was younger there were two guys that were friends. They were a little older than me and they used to hang out in our neighborhood. One had a 67 Chevelle and his buddy had a 68 442. I love both and wish I had a 442 that year.
Looks great! Glad to see them getting it back on the road. Great job.
DR C best you tell them young fellas theyve done a fine job !! thats a real nice car ,,, stunning color - cant help thinking theres alot of pearl mixed into that blue . ?! bet she glows on a sunny day .. hows about a ride ?

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