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New member
Jan 30, 2023
Tucson, AZ
Howdy all,
New guy here out of Tucson, AZ. Metal Artist/Sculptor by trade and professional tinkerer by passion.
Glad to be here and to absorb all the awesome inspiration!
Welcome from up the road in Tempe.....down the hill actually :) There was someone here a couple of years ago who posted pix of his metal art. We enjoyed his posts but i can't remember his name. Maybe somebody here can help and you can access them.
Welcome Watto !!! you're gonna like it here....
Yea, we are a visual group, so lottsa pics, doesn't matter if
it's a trailer, cat, bench, tools, etc. there is a place to post it
and someone here will offer a conversation about it so don't be shy
post away...

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