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Well, going to have to cancel our trip. The little noise I have been hearing ended up being a rod bearing on the way out[S
Not trying to patch it before we leave. She will get parked with the coupe
"I feel your pain". W. Clinton

Me too. I'm so spooked I'm afraid to start an engine I've assembled.

Yeah we just put that cam in our gasser and I'm pretty sure it's destroying itself and that's why it's bent a valve
False alarm LOL. Could have fooled me I swore it was a rod knock. But it turned out to be two missing flex plate nuts. Replace those and got it back on the road. Found a couple more little issues the front brakes were hanging up. I got those to release like they should but the front hubs still feel a little warm. I'm going to go back through and check wheel bearings again before we take off
I did get to test out my new radio a little bit. The speakers I bought are super cheap and they sound like dog crap if you turn it up too much. My new ones will be here tomorrow along with my new old door panels. Finally meeting up with a guy I've been talking to for over a month to get a set of black original door panels
A little update on my big bronco. The 460 that I bought for $500 is making some random noises. It's lasted 2 years so I think I got my money out of it. So I tracked down to my buddies wrecking yard way early this morning, and my dad and I pulled a four-barrel 460 out of a Lincoln. Also got some other cool hot rod parts while I was down there. I'm going to rebuild this engine and put it back in Berta. Also scored a hydroboost brake setup. I'm not sure if I'm going to try and get it in there before beginning of August or not because we have a big show we're going to in Florence Oregon with hundreds of broncos. Wish me luck


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Tore into my new 460 and it looks brand new!!! The car was super clean it came out of. The tires where original on it and the odometer said 12k. It might be correct!

New cam, lifters, springs, locks and retainers. Also got a new timing chain that is adjustable so I could advance the timing from the stock smog retarded timing.


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Also started on my cage


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Ah, the good ol' 70's plastic cam gear teeth when I changed the cam in my 455 a bunch of the teeth were coming off of the old gear. That 460 is remarkably clean inside! Good score!

What brand of cam and lifters did you go with?
Ah, the good ol' 70's plastic cam gear teeth when I changed the cam in my 455 a bunch of the teeth were coming off of the old gear. That 460 is remarkably clean inside! Good score!

What brand of cam and lifters did you go with?

Yeah I could not believe how clean the inside of that engine was. Also I couldn't believe how good of shape that plastic timing gear was in LOL. I went with a Comp Cam, one of their four wheel drive grinds and lunati lifters. Not sure if that was a good choice or not but I think at this point in time rolling the dice with anything. I hope to get the engine out of the bronco this weekend cuz I need to put my intake and oil pan on this one. Probably won't get it 100% switched out but I want to get a good start on it
Well I pulled Berta in last night and then this morning I went to town pulling the engine out. I got the oil pan and oil pump along with headers swapped over onto the new Big block. I also found out what my cool noise was I was hearing. That could have been bad


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