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Got my hydro boost set up mounted last night. Progress is progress hahahaha


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Well we had a little bit of a mess this week, but I finally got the bronco back on the road. Valve stem seals they sent weren't right. Found that out the hard way. They didn't sit all the way down and interfered with the rocker movement. The push rods weren't happy. Sourced the right ones and new pushrods and bam, back in action. It runs good. Also got the hydroboost system plumbed in. Damn the brakes bit hard now!!

We took it to get some ice cream this evening. Made it home no issues


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This morning I started on safety, well started back on safety I had already started it LOL


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Not 100% done but out in the sun!


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Still working out the hydro boost. Not sure I like it yet. It is just touchy I guess. Steering and brakes both. It stops nice hahahaha. Here's a quick little video of it running, if you're standing in front of it you can't even hear it running. The exhaust is the noisy part hahaha
looks cool! It makes me think of my old Ramcharger. That thing had a removable top which almost left the vehicle one day in a storm when a semi passed me on the other side.... :rolleyes:
looks cool! It makes me think of my old Ramcharger. That thing had a removable top which almost left the vehicle one day in a storm when a semi passed me on the other side.... :rolleyes:

Those old ramchargers are cool rigs!!! Thanks dutch!
Can you put a restrictor in the system to control the pressure? Similar to what they do for an MII rack to keep it from being twitchy?

Berta is looking good.

Yeah I'm going to look at some options on that. What's weird to me is it's a fully matched system the pump and the hydroboost came from the same car so I can't see it being that way from the factory. I followed all the plumbing from the car like it was done when I installed it in the bronco. I will do some research today and see what I can come up with.

Thanks, I think the cage tops it off without the top on it. They look funny without it in my opinion
Looks factory to me!


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So the girls and I took the bronco on a little adventure yesterday to go pick up the last of my car show shirts that were made for me for people that bought them at the show. On the way home it did the same thing it's done to me a couple times while moving slowly in traffic for cruising downtown. It wants to vapor lock. Pulled the cap didn't really have a vacuum in there but there was a little bit. Then the starter heat soaked and it wouldn't turn over fast enough to fire. I dumped some fuel that I keep in a bottle because it does randomly do this down the vent hole on the Holly. Once it cooled down it fired right up. I've replaced the fuel pump twice, I have put all new rubber line on it where the rubber line is supposed to be. So from the tank to the hard line on the frame and then from the hard line on the frame to the fuel pump and then there's a piece going up to the fuel filter. I have no idea why it's doing this, so today I pulled the little electric pump out that I bought for it a year ago and installed it on a relay up on the fender. As soon as I fired the pump up it built pressure and then I fired the bronco up and it started up instantly which it normally takes a little bit. Which is telling me it's been starving for fuel for a while. Tomorrow I will get it out and actually let it warm up and sit out in the heat and idle and see if it stays running. Also when I bought the radiator set up it came with two fans. I ran them because they were on it, I bought it because it had the shroud already built and the radiator the fans were just kind of a bonus. So I looked them up last night and they were only like $2,200 CFM combined so I ordered a 12 inch flex a light fan that is 2000 CFM on its own. I will replace one of them and see if that helps move some of the warm air out of the engine bay. Not that the truck is running hot but it does get pretty stagnant and warm in there. I'll keep you all posted
So the bronco has always ran a little on the warm side for my liking, especially when we hit the hills. Slow moving the fans didn't do there job so we'll. When I bought the radiator it was only a little more to buy the fans and shroud with it. Should have been a good indicator that they weren't great hahahaha. I upgraded to a dereal setup. Dual 12" 1200 CFM fans and a really nice shroud setup. The install was super easy And it made all the difference!!! She runs way cooler and happier now!


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