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Sep 23, 2012
This really doesnt fit in our category of builds round these parts. So I wasnt sure where too post it. I can post it in builds if y'all want.

I recently went to florance Oregon for the bronco round up. My girls loved it. Then I took them for a ride in the jeep is worked on. It had a bikini top and no doors. They loved it. The wife and I decided to buy a bronco. I oicked up a solid 79 dent side. Cleaned, very little rust and great patina. It is a free wheeling package bronco so it has cool stripes and black accents.

460 will go in it. Lift,tires and wheels. New interior and stripes. But not paint, leave the patina!!!

My girls are helping,its fun. My oldest helps film and work tje most. The twins toss stuff in the trash for me!!


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Saw the video this morning. Very cool that the ladies are all into the project. Definitely take it to the build section.

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