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Feb 18, 2012
Southern Wisconsin
Help, I need to know if there is such thing as a basic or simple CAD program that I can use to lay out brackets, mounts ect. on my computer. [S And is affordable
I'm A poor rat rodder. Thanks in advance TOM
There should be, search on Google. Just be careful where you download it from! I do it the old fashion way and draw it out on a piece of free cardboard! [ddd

Should be able to use Google Sketchup, and there are a few free CAD programs out there but they're crippled compared to AutoCAD/Solidworks.

I actually went to college for Drafting & Design, but never did much work in the field afterwards. Designed a few machine parts and a couple houses and that's about it. I keep AutoCAD 14 installed on my computer, but the only things I've drawn recently are plans for a cabin & want to build and some renovations my mom wants to do to her house.

Thanks... my friend used AutoCAD / Solidworks to help me in the past but he was killed in a motorcycle accident last June.:( I lost my best friend from the third grade and my CAD guy... GOD I MISS HIM :(
there is a program called rhino, not 100% sure of the spelling, i think is free. or if you just want to layout parts and not program a cnc. mastercam student edition from a dealer should be free also. you can't save drawings but just leave the computer on till you are done.

I use mastercam at work so all my stuff in drawn there. i program mill, lathe, plasma with it. one would think my car would be done by now with those tool available.

good luck
Rhino 3D or 4D is not free. I use it for my CNC plasma to design stuff. It goes for about $800[S
I got mine from an in law who is a graphics design professor. won't say the price!
I use Keycreator every day, if you need something pretty basic, I'll draw it up for you.
my email is [email protected]

If you can email me a sketch, I'll get it in cad, and send you back whatever file format you need.

Check out DraftSight by Dassault Systèmes. Do a search on Dassault.

A AutoCad equivalent, Some of the icons and drop downs are slightly different but otherwise works basically the same. 2D only. Works great for all the design stuff I do at home. Could be frustrating to learn is not familiar with Cad.

Good part is the price ------- FREE. Will ask for your e-mail to confirm registration. Only e-mails are notification of updates, etc.

Overall rating a great product for a unbelievable price.

U thought I was in trouble when my copy of AutoCad became obsolete due to later releases of Windows, ie. Windows Vista with some problems and Windows 7 totally out to lunch.

Hope this has been some help.

No connection to the company, just a user.

I use solidworks and Alibre Expert.

Alibre expert is almost as good as solidworks but cost only $2000 compared to $10000

Alibre also makes a more hobbyist friendly program that should work for you.

It costs right around $190 bucks.
Another free CAD program is Q-CAD.
Added later: there is also a "free" trial version - it can be tricky to get the right program. They want you get hooked on the full version & then buy it.
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There's one the US government developed and is free but what you get is a blank sheet of paper and a gaszillion icons to click on with no tutorial... i think you also need to learn command line interface to use it but it's top level in its 3d rendering capability.
check out opensource options on sourceforge the downloads ending in .exe are windows variants.
Check out Kim Kommando's download section
Here's my first post and I haven't even introduced myself yet.
Will do that shortly.
If you had A-cad you would not be able to use it without training so go
to your local school or jr-college and take begining autocad.
This will enable you to purchase the next latest version of acad as a student
with the restriction to anly use it for yourself (non comercial).
I have acad12 that only cost $175. LEGAL.

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