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Aug 26, 2020
Northern NJ
Geeeze Louise... Not sure what I have or have not said here but my prostate cancer got worse and the prostate had to come out. Bunch of tests, scans all that showed no spread and contained...thank god.

Single Port Laparoscopic versus multi port due to my hernia mesh surgery a few years ago. Was supposed to take 2 - 2.5 hours and took almost 4.5 hours due to some issues with the past "open" colon resection and hernia mesh surgery. Seems they didn't put everything back were it belonged and I had a lot of adhesion's from both.

Had it done Thursday 10-19. The incision area doesn't hurt much at all but that gas they pump into you to work hurts like hell, especially when it works it's way up to your shoulders..... Ouch

Because of the additional work they want the catheter in for 2 weeks versus 1 week.... arrg but I am getting used it it. Maybe TMI, but the pecker is much shorter.

They wouldn't give me the prostate to put in a pickle jar cause they had to send it to pathology for testing, make sure I had the needed margin, make sure I won't need any radiation ect. Hopefully I'm done

All in all...I'm good. I'd encourage you guys to make sure you are checking on your prostate health, especially if you are having trouble peeing or if your PSA comes back over 3 or so.

Thanks for listening....hope this might help someone that needs to have this done.
Glad to hear you are doing good after.all that!! Heath isn't something to take lightly
Still got mine but I had a lot of work done in and around it. No stranger to the catheter. Two weeks in and 3 months of self inflicted use. I got used to it too.

Sounds like an excellent prognosis.
so, what the hell would you want the prostate in a pickle jar for...? [S:D [P

I hope tests will be good and you get better soon. :)
Get better soon, being down sux. Hope they got everything a ND it's over other then the healing.
I had high PSA reading for years, till the Doc finally stated right out that I needed to do the TURP surgery. (TransUrethral Resection of the Prostate) I was getting up MULTIPLE times during the night, with desperate need to urinate. (One night it was around a dozen times, and no matter how bad I needed to empty, it took 15 minutes or so to get started, then I could never empty completely. The I had a case of where no way could I get going. I was about to call 9-1-1 when my wife suggested sitting in hot water. That worked.

A friend was in a Central American country when he got stopped up - had to wear a catheter for 3 weeks, on the plane back to the States, then all during the pre-surgery tests and scheduling. No fun. (I had one for 3 days after the TURP, and that was bad enough.)

It's now almost 5 years since I had the surgery. But there was no cancer, just an enlarged prostate.

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