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Oct 1, 2014
Well, I bought a 57 belair 4 dr and wanted this one to be a pretty fast street and strip car so I got to figuring up a BBC and a SBC and it scared me, don't get me wrong, I've drag raced, built street cars and knew stuff ain't cheap but the way crap has gone up in the last couple yrs is crazy. Ended up buying a real clean 5.3 LS truck motor, Summit cam kit, porting the heads myself and also purchased a S488 billet wheel turbo. This led to an 8.50 roll cage kit from Rhodes race cars, building a PG trans now and a narrowed 8.8 rear end so I can get a 15x10 wheel under the rear. It's going to have the patina look because I'm tired of body work. Grand kids complained about my 29 A sedan and my 33 plymouth sedan not having a back seat so now they have plenty of room.
I was gonna put a BB in my '65 Chevelle but went with an LS motor because it made just as much HP & weighed a lot less so I didn't have to beef up my front suspension any more than I already had! I love LS motors & think you're gonna be happy with the choice! Good luck!!!


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