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since the snow is gone, time to get the wiring & brakes done so l can start driving her in the next month or so.

the first thing on the agenda is brake line fabbing in the next couple of days, the dual master and 4 wheel disc should do great job on 6O mph to O mph WHOA baby really quick :D

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starting on drive shaft cover. gonna cover it in sheet aluminum and be screwed down to the metal frame , also makes it removable so we can get to stuff to work on easier.

glove box made outta old license plates:D



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I love this thing! (THAT thing?) you should put a pulley on the driveshaft for spinning an in-cabin margarita mixer!
found my shifter

old gentleman l know has had this shop in town forever and is upgrading the equipment at his shop so he called me to ask if l wanted any old parts to make into ratrod stuff--HECK YA:D:D

found this piece offa 1950ish printing machine of some kind, gonna make a shifter outta it.

closet l could get to a pulley on the driveshaft for spinning an in-cabin margarita mixer![ddd

Later :cool:


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fired up the motor tonight,:D

so my "mister Wizard" home brewed intake set-up should be 0K to move it down the road.

sounds good exept for the dozen vacuum leaks l gotta plug:rolleyes:.

not as loud as l thought she might be with the short turn-down mufflers.

onto the next things on the list.

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one + two = 4 (steps back)

well, been a while since posted any progress, been so busy dragging her to the shows and stuff,

the rose city show said no trailer queens, l informed them THAT is not a trailer queen, she is trailer trash:D

anyhow, all 4 calipers are junk, the rear's are 8.8 ford & the front is early 197O's ford truck so nothing very hard to find.

lots of little nigly things slowing me down. bloody thing should'a been done by now, but life always don't go smooth.

S0, THAT will be done whene THAT is done[;)

Later :cool:
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found out the calipers are not in the front early 197O's ford truck, 1968 mustang/cougar--they look close but don't interchange with each other.


well, after all new hard lines, soft lines, master cylinder and all 4 calipers, BRAKES:D

and they all 4 work:eek:

now onto the other little 1OO things that need done.

Later :cool:

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