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Aug 3, 2011
Shelby Twp., MI
I'd like to hear from the guys who have made their own cnc plasma tables.

I've got a friend who is looking to build his own, and I'll likely be doing the controls and integration. I've looked at so far, and I plan on probably going that route, but I wondered if you guys are using individual drivers for the stepper motors, or using a controller card instead?

Eventually I might build a small version for myself as well so I can cut my own parts at home...
Hey DR, cool project. I have need of one, but not the space for it.:( My garage seems to be a bit crowded lately. Definitely interested in seeing what you come up with.

This winter I am hoping to build a simple pantograph like in this link, but using square tubing with bronze bushings at the hinge points.

For large pieces I use straight edges and just make the cut in multiple stages. It's the small pieces that are hardest to do. So for me the pantograph will work, and can be stored easily.
Ok, so that is more like a duplicator style setup, you follow the pattern on one side, and the plasma cut matches your path...

Yea, I'm a little green on the software yet need to do some reading up on it. The integration part I should be fine with, just need to find some basic plans and improve on them. Since I won't have to fund the project, it will be good because I can just duplicate it for myself when the time comes and already have most of the bugs and issues sorted out...
I built all my own table and such but used a Torchmate gantry and software.
i have a Baileigh table, and i dont see how i could have built one for that it costs to buy one. that is including every nut and bolt and the time to build it. even if i broke even by buying or building at least with buying i am up and running faster with customer service if i ever need it
Hey DR,
I too have a plasmacam set up. I would have to agree with Cornfield.
The support alone is/was very valuable to me. Plus time is such a commodity.

That being said I would gladly send any and all pics or measurements of my
4X4 table that you think would help with your endeavor.

Good luck.
DR if you do build one make it with a water bed. I should have done mine that way from the start. Best thing I ever did. Runs better and 90% of the smoke is trapped in the water.


  • new table water table (3).jpg
    new table water table (3).jpg
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  • first cut on 4X8 table (2).jpg
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