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Are those mono leaf front springs? Do you like them?

Very tidy shop and cool truck too.

The fronts are mono. They seem pretty nice, the stationary mount had to have quite a bit of material removed for them to fit. The spring eye is reversed where the original eye was centered.
Tidy Shop...

And clean shop WOW
My shop is generally clean. Clutter is usually the problem. I sweep up frequently, I don't like working in a dirty shop.

Today I did a bunch of little time consuming jobs. I ordered a set of Rocket Racing Fire wheels and the wheel studs needed to be swapped out. I needed 2" studs but couldn't find them. So I ordered 2 7/8" studs. It took a surprising amount of time to trim, dress and install 20 studs. I also got the front shock mounts relocated and installed. The power steering box displaced the drivers side mounting bracket so I went ahead and moved the passenger side mount. Next is cutting the spring pads off the rear axle and setting it in place.
Dirty floor...

I removed the spring pads on the rear axle today, what a job! It took about 3 hours to fully remove them. When I did them years ago I really welded them on. The rear is in place but the new pads aren't welded on. Once I get enough weight on it I'll weld them in place.

I put the new brake booster/master cylinder assembly on. The proportioning valve has two ports for the front brake calipers. The instructions say only one is needed and the second is optional. Thoughts on that?


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Lots of little tasks done. It's roller ready. Started doing the brake lines, which meant I needed to install the exhaust system to make sure the rear axle flex line was clear of the pipes. So I went ahead and installed the fuel tank.... I needed some line clips on the rear axle so I made them up. I still don't have all the brakes lines installed, the ones for the front brakes land right where the motor mounts need to be... ugh.

The copper nickel brake line material is new to me, I think I like it. I works pretty well. It's getting there...


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I've been pretty busy the last few weeks. Unfortunately it didn't involve the truck. In February I was getting a little frustrated with sourcing a drive train. So I called Blue Print Engines and ordered a 383 stroker fully assembled drive train. Fuel injected and 700 r4 trans. They said due to supply issues it would be 4-6 months. In reality the timing was fine. Well they called last week and said it was ready and today it showed up. I'm pretty stoked. I haven't unwrapped it yet because it's still cold here. I'll probably do it later today though...

The truck picture is from 36 years ago. My wife dug this out because I think she's getting excited for this rebuild... this is the version I'm shooting for. It'll be a little different but this is the "spirit" I'm after. It's the version my wife enjoyed the most. That's my son wiping down the running board... he's excited too... now the pressure is on.


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This is a great story. I hear all good things about Blueprint. There's a You Tube tour of their facility. Very impressive.
We waited for a while for our last blueprint engine like I said. But I've used them many a times and have never had a complaint. The truck looks good even that long ago my friend! Keep us posted

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