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Jul 11, 2008
Hey guys,

Happy to see many of the same familiar names still around the board, I haven't been really around in years, been focused on the house we bought out of foreclosure (which is now 99% done) and on family, I now have two kids, my daughter is going to be 4 soon, and my son will be 1 next month.

My daughter loves everything cars, much to the dismay of her grandmothers who expected her to love dolls and dresses. Honestly not 100% sure where she got it from since it hasn't been really a part of my life in recent years. Last year she was a firetruck for Halloween, this year she was lightning McQueen from Disney/Pixar cars. I made the costumes both years and they were big hits.

The truck hasn't been off the jack stands since right before I got married and bought this house just over 6 years ago.. Crazy. My wife reminds me that its good I built it and squeezed out "finishing" it right before life got crazy. We are getting ready for our next chapter and I know it will include another build. If anyone has a lead on a 55-58 suburban, thats what I have my mind set on, if I can find one within budget, they seem to be worth their weight in gold.

We are starting to wind down our chapter in the city.. kids needing to go to school and needing space to run. We have a contract on a place in WI. Its not exactly what we were hoping for but we have been looking for 2+ years and cant wait forever. I was really hoping for more land, or backed up to woods to get that sense of endless space.

Anyway, its on 1.5 acres and it has a 4+ car garage!!! its two car tandem deep with a little shop on the back, honestly still not big enough, but much better than the no garage situation I am currently in. Oh did mention, its an old school built in 1915? yeah why would I do anything normal like buy a regular house? The building needs a bunch of work, but that's why we could afford it.

Anyway, just wanted to check in on you all. I need to continue to dig around and see what you guys have been up to!
Nice to hear from you. Sounds like an interesting life. I'm glad things are going well for you.
Glad to hear all is well my friend!! Can't wait to see your next adventure!
Thanks for all the kind words. What are u guys using for image hosting these days? I never really recovered from the photobucket thing??
I upload my photos directly to the forum now. It's the only way to ensure they'll stay there. Photobucket is still holding all the photos I had uploaded there hostage. They email me about once a day to upgrade my account because it's now over their arbitrary 250 photo limit.

Congrats on the new place! My new wife and I bought a place in May 2021 with 3.5 acres and a large triple garage and I'm so glad we did.
This forum is capable of transferring right from files now.
i'll see if I can find the post Dr. Crankentein made about posting pix. He explained it good enough for a dummy like me to understand it.
Welcome back Corpo![cl

Life has a way of getting in the way sometimes. Congrats on becoming a country gentleman! Been out in the country my whole 63 years, couldn't live in a congested city!
Let me give it a try…


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Me again… been hitting the house project hard but I wanted to check in over here… sounds like we have lost a few more members since I last checked in, sad.

Been a wild year but keeping our heads above water. Still working to clear out the school house and starting the long list of repairs and improvements. I have started transitioning all my tools to one location, it will be great to have all my tools in one place. I am doing my best to organize and prep for the long haul, this should be our forever home.

Under the exterior stairs of the school I heard rumors from a neighbor it was full of car parts… I waited against my urges to cut the lock off right away. I had hopes of a disassembled model t or something but not quite that good. found a stash of car parts, I haven’t really gone through it. Definitely have two aluminum automatic transmissions and a muncie 4 speed with an aluminum bell housing. A few 57 bel air parts, Pontiac valve covers several 2 barrel intake manifolds… so paper weights.. lol

Anyway… I might have found a 1957 suburban to build… in conversation with the owner now, it’s a hot mess but that’s how I like it.

If anyone does instagram my wife is documenting the schoolhouse project there

Couple of photos for you guys

Hope everyone is well!


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I am also between a house and a car place. That schoolhouse appears to be a foursquare style.

I also bought a foreclosure, got a great deal, a fixer upper, on 1/3 acre in (Dec 2014), in a small historic town near Tampa. It was after we put the offer in, that we discovered it was NOT built in 1941, but 1915! ...and it has an interesting history.

Being a frame vernacular with crawlspace, we had to boost the foundation on one side, replaced old junky jalousies with original style vinyl, and of course the central AC in the middle of a hot July in 2015.

Being now a widower since 2016, it was in 2018 I bought a beat up 53 Chev, to get my mind off things, and joined this place.

Sick of house? Car. Sick of car? House. I keep up with the curb appeal for both.



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